31 Days of Halloween #29: Almost Go Time

Man, I’ve fallen all kinds of behind on my daily Halloween posts this weekend!  I’ve got some actual posts with real, non-iPhone photos and new recipes coming for you all very soon!  If no one hears from me in the next week or so, send an ambulance, as it’s likely I’m lying unconscious at my keyboard buried under a pile of work.  Fall is a beast!

So, without further delay, here’s a make-up for Saturday’s holiday post..

We got a good start on our Halloween deco before our pumpkin carving party last night. We’re almost ready for the flood of Trick or Treaters that’ll be arriving on our doorstop in just a few hours! I keep a yearly tally of how many kids we get each year, so I’ll be sure to post the results and how it compares to previous years.

Also to come.. results of the pumpkin carvin’, a couple of recipes for some delicious fall treats, and a few posts unrelated to Halloween, such as our hike up Mt. Cammerer, a photo shoot with the doggies, and a Wii game review!

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