31 Days of Halloween #31: RIP Brownes

We started some Halloween fun on Sunday, when Kara & Remington came over to carve some pumpkins and indulge in some nutritional debauchery!

Zombie Halloween 2011
I went elbow deep in disgusting pumpkin guts.  And didn’t puke.  I consider that a success.

Zombie Halloween 2011
Kara gutted her pumpkin while Remington separated the snot from the seeds for roastin!

Zombie Halloween 2011
“Oh, I’m fine! Yep.. don’t worry about me..” *deep breath* *swallow*

Zombie Halloween 2011
We made a spread of munchies to snack on while we carved.  This photo was taken after we had already attacked it, but you get the idea.  We had deviled eggs, asian turkey meatballs, brie and crackers, pecan pumpkin dip, buffalo chicken dip, pumpkin spice rice krispies treats, snickerdoodles, apple cranberry bread, and delicious hot apple cider.

Yeah, that was a Sinful Sunday right there.  Yeah, I’ll be working out double hard this week.

Zombie Halloween 2011
Remington whipped up two batches of roasted pumpkin seeds, one sweet, one savory.  Can’t let perfectly good seeds go to waste!   Later on in the night, he and Matt put together a butterbeer recipe sent straight from the heavens above.  Wowwww.

Maybe I’ll add not eating at all this week to the double workouts.  Yeah, that should cancel all of that out.


Zombie Halloween 2011
The results!  Matt did the Android robot on the left, I did Harry Potter in the middle, and Kara did a (freehand!) Jack Skellington on the right!  I think they all came out awesome!!

On Halloween itself we both had to work a full day, and then got ready for the ghouls and goblins to come a-knockin’ at the door.  We had big plans for some creative costumes this year, but as with previous years, the overwhelming work schedule had us scrambling for a last minute plan.  So..

Zombie Halloween 2011
Some cheap makeup from the Spirit store resulted in..

The Undead Brownes

Zombie Halloween 2011

Zombie Halloween 2011
I particularly like the bullet hole.

Zombie Halloween 2011
I bruised up my neck to make it look like I had been strangled.  I put conditioner in my (dry) hair to make it look wet and stringy all night!

Zombie Halloween 2011

The kids that came to our door loved our costumes!  Some of the younger ones were so sweet and showed genuine concern for our “injuries”.  I told one little girl that I had been hit by a car earlier in the day, and she believed me.

Another kid heard our dogs barking in the background, and asked if he could see them.  I told him that they are vicious, mean dogs and that’s why we’re covered in blood.   He ran away pretty quickly.

If we ever decide to have kids, they are going to be so warped.

Zombie Halloween 2011
The undead candy keeper.

Zombie Halloween 2011
Matt spraying the kids with the remote-controlled fog machine.   We had chainsaw sounds and screams piped through the windows, blinking eyes hidden in the bushes, and several strobe lights flickering against the front of the house.  We heard comments such as, “Uh, I don’t think we should ring this doorbell!”.  One kid dressed as Batman got halfway down the driveway, heard the chainsaw, and ran back up to the mailbox and stood there huddled while his mom came to our door with his bag to get his candy.


I swear we are not evil.


Zombie Halloween 2011
Casually pretending to be dead in front of the front door while Matt handed out some candy.   Mad fun.

Zombie Halloween 2011
Broken limbs, disclocated shoulder.

Zombie Halloween 2011
Our pumpkins in action!

Hope everyone had a fun holiday!!

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  1. Mama Browne says:

    Goodness, how I love you guys!!! What would I do without your blogs and photos? I’d have severe Brownie withdrawals! LOVE THE PUMPKINS!!


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