After these messages…

Happy Monday!

Ok, so Mondays aren’t very happy, but we can make the best of things, right?  You’re probably wondering where the usual post is today.. well, truth is.. I don’t have one.  We’ve had a deluge of personal and professional schtuff fall into our lap over the past week, so now we are trying to play catch up!  On top of that, I’ve been fighting off some relentless exhaustion and have felt a little like this..

But have no fear – I will be back very soon!  I have some yummy recipes coming your way – delicious things like individual chocolate souffles, the lightest moist vanilla cupcakes you’ll ever eat, and something brand new – Kara and I are starting a cake decorating class this week!  At least I’ll have a fellow blogger and photog to also take pictures of everything that we’re doing so I don’t have to embarrass myself in front of the rest of the class.  Safety in numbers.

Speaking of zombies – since I don’t have a new recipe, hike, or cute doggy photo to share with you this morning, I’ll share the link to our Halloween post last October.  We love Halloween!

Have a fantastic week!

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