How to Use Coconut Butter


I’ve been vocal about my love of butters – peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, cookie butter, and of course real butter (heh heh).  Last year I discovered something new to me… coconut butter!  Lately, coconut oil is all the rage – the stuff is everywhere and is being recommended for use in just about… read more »

Creamy Dreamy Elli Quark Giveaway!


Earlier this month I told you guys about Elli Quark, a yogurt-like German cheese that I’ve been enjoying for breakfast lately.  I’m super stoked that Elli has now asked me to host a giveaway for a case of 12 containers – that’s one of each flavor, and one of our lucky readers is going to… read more »

What I Think About The Honest Company


Beauty products, household cleaners, and diapers, oh my!  This assortment of goodies gets both my inner mommy and girly-girl excited.  I’m sure you’ve heard of The Honest Company since they are all the rage right now.  I’d ogled over their diapers and heard great things about the eco-friendly and body-safe ingredients that they use in… read more »

Lower Carb Ground Turkey Fettuccine


I’m so excited about this meal I couldn’t wait to share it with you all.  This big serving of delicious pasta is less than 300 calories for the ground turkey marinara sauce AND the noodles.  Better yet, each serving only has 21 carbs!  I was recently asked to try a variety of ThinSlim Foods products and included… read more »

Vitalicious VitaEgg Flatbread Sandwich Review + Giveaway!


We’re gon’ talk breakfast today.  Specifically, we’re gon’ talk fast breakfast.  On any given morning I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 36.5 seconds to prepare breakfast before the baby wakes up.  Sure, I could set an alarm and sneak out a little earlier in order to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee without being… read more »

Blueberry Banana Protein Shake


I realize I’ve been sharing quite a few protein shake recipes lately.  The reason is because that’s just what I’ve been experimenting with lately!  Since this is more of a lifestyle blog than a typical “food blog” I tend to blog about whatever I happen to be making and enjoying at the time instead of picking… read more »

Lighter Chicken and Rice Soup

light chicken and rice soup

This is a recipe that was thrown together when I found myself with a kitchen full of little this ‘n that ingredients leftover from various other meals throughout the week.  I love lightened up versions of cream-based soups and this one has all of the flavor as its higher fat and calorie cousin but is… read more »

Elli Quark Review | Is it yogurt or not??


Looks like yogurt, right?  Wrong.  Elli Quark is actually cheese!  Yeah, I’d never heard of quark before so I was a bit confused.  It looks and smells like yogurt but has a milder flavor – it’s missing that tangy bit of sourness that yogurts have.  Quark is a German style spoonable fresh cheese that has… read more »

PB Crave Peanut Butter Review + GIVEAWAY!


Flavored peanut butter is ubiquitous nowadays and I get embarrassingly excited each time a new variety crosses my path.  When I heard about these fun flavors that PB Crave has been whipping up I knew that they needed a place of honor in my (rather large) collection of nut butters.  I mean, just look at… read more »