Opinions | Original Belly Bandit


During my pregnancy I learned about these nifty little compression bands that supposedly help your stomach shrink back to normal after you give birth.  Belly Bandit is one of the more popular brands of such support garments and offers many different styles to fit a variety of body types.  Belly Bandit offered to send me… read more »

Dark Chocolate Candy Cane Bread with Warm Ganache and GIVEAWAY!!


It’s holiday time, and that means time to bake! This time ’round, we’re focusing on a quintessential Christmas candy that there is no shortage of this time of year – the candy cane!  Somehow I end up with at least a couple of boxes of candy canes sitting around my house and while my husband and I… read more »

Thanksgiving Ideas 2014 | Knoxville Fantasy of Trees


Yipee Yipee the holidays are here!  We started our Thanksgiving celebrations the weekend before when we met up with Kara & Remington for a private Friendsgiving.  You guys have all been well-acquainted with our mentions of these guys on our blog, and we always cherish the times spent noshing and nomming with our favorite foodie… read more »

Roasted Sweet Potato Banana Roll-Ups and Nasoya GIVEAWAY!


I’m super duper excited to share my favorite new discovery this holiday season – roasted sweet potatoes and bananas.  Seriously you guys, this flavor combination is absolutely amazing and I’m not even a big fan of bananas!  I was initially introduced to this concept when our friends shared a post for their sweet potato casserole.… read more »

Opinions | Earnest Eats Oatmeal and Energy Bars


If it wasn’t already obvious from the past reviews we’ve done, we eat a lot of nutrition bars!  They’re such a convenient and filling snack whether you’re looking for protein or energy.  They also come in about a billion different varieties and every brand we’ve tried has offered up something different.  We recently had a… read more »

Jasper’s Birth Story


Our beautiful baby boy, Jasper David, was born on October 21st at 6:28pm at 7lbs 20z, 19 inches long, and a head full of dark, straight hair.  The story of how he came into the world was both everything we wanted and many things we didn’t want, but now that we’re after the fact, I’m thankful… read more »

Our Baby Boy Nursery Tour!


We’re just past the 38 week mark in our pregnancy and our nursery is almost complete!  I thought it was time to share what we’ve done so far with all of you.  Let’s start with what this room looked like before. I don’t have any decent “before” photos since I remembered at the last minute… read more »

15 Spooky and Delicious Drink Ideas for Halloween!


Here we are already a full week into October!  The leaves are starting to get that telltale yellow tinge before the full on color burst that will happen later in the month, and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me!  We’re enjoying cooler mornings, crisp fall breezes, the grocery stores are exploding with… read more »

Day in the Life | 35 Weeks Pregnant


Last week I decided to take a few photos throughout the day to both celebrate being 35 weeks pregnant and document how quiet and uneventful most of our days are, since our lifestyle is about to shift very soon!  I’ll leave the photos to speak for themselves, and though I didn’t take as many as I… read more »