Best Dining Spots to Watch a Sunset on 30A


Highway 30A is a 28.5 mile stretch of road that follows the Gulf of Mexico on the panhandle of Florida. It’s a strikingly gorgeous and peaceful area dotted with picturesque little towns such as Seaside, Seagrove, Rosemary Beach, Watercolor, and more. Lined by flawless snowy white sand beaches, it’s certainly a place to put on your… read more »

Super Bowl Snacking with Pirate’s Booty | Review + Free Printables


Since I am a huge football fan, I look forward to the Super Bowl every year to see big men crash into each other as they shuttle a ball from one end of a field to the other.  Nothing thrills me more than yelling about unfair penalties and bad calls while trash-talking with fans of the… read more »

Yes, Go Forth and Eat Carbs! Great Low Carb Bread Company Review + GIVEAWAY


There’s nothing more fun about doing food reviews than when I get to nom-nom a metric ton of carbs, except this time I get to do it guilt-free.  The Great Low Carb Bread Company is a small operation based in North Hollywood and they specialize in helping people restrict their carbohydrate intake while not going batcrap insane.  It’s… read more »

An Embarrassing Shameful Dessert


Ugh, just don’t even look at this post.  Seriously, you can just pass this one right on by and I won’t mind, really.  See you next time! Oh, you’re still here?  Okay, well don’t say I didn’t warn you… This is one of those recipes that’s not really a recipe.  It’s one of those desserts… read more »

Big Hit or Big Bust? Gluten Free LUNA Bar – Chocolate Cupcake


I was be-boppin’ through the aisles of Target (my second home) the other day and I saw this new flavor of LUNA bar.  How did I know it was a new flavor?  Because the packaging said “NEW FLAVOR”.  Clever, huh?  I am a total sucker for anything that says “NEW!”  So, I bought one.  I am… read more »

My New Normal | Life After Baby


Before, my mornings began by waking up from a full night’s rest with a quiet house, a mug of coffee, and the Today show.  My only tasks before heading up to the office were getting myself showered, dressed, fed, and caffeinated..  Now my mornings begin by waking up after a varied amount of sleep, picking up… read more »

Opinions | Nuts ‘N More Peanut Butter


Do you watch Shark Tank?  If so, you might remember Nuts ‘n More.  Back in Season 4,  Peter Ferreira, Dennis Iannotti and Neil Cameron pitched their idea of a nut butter that’s been combined with whey protein and flaxseed.  The result is a high protein, high fiber, and low sugar spread with a mighty impressive macro nutrient… read more »

10 Disney Cruise Packing Tips You Need To Know


We’ve been on three incredibly fun Disney cruises and after each one we seem to pick up a new tip or make a note of something we want to pack (or not pack!) for next time.  Here’s a handy dandy little list of helpful things to keep in mind when packing for your own sea… read more »

Opinions | Reese’s Spreads Need To Get In My Face


I have a nut butter problem.  Admitting it is the first step to recovery.  But do I really want to recover?  Anyway, I’m not even sure that Reese’s Spreads can be counted as a nut butter… it’s more like candy butter, because that’s what it tastes like.  It’s like someone took a Reese’s cup, smashed it… read more »