From Campfire to Cookie | S’mores Oreos Review


There’s yet another new Limited Edition Oreo flavor on the block just in time for summer – s’mores!! S’mores are one of my favorite warm weather desserts.  The melty toasty marshmallows, the crispy graham crackers, the oozy chocolate, mmmm.  You just can’t go wrong. There’s also so many different ways you can make s’mores.  Have…

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Homemade Birthday Cake Ice Cream


Matt turned 34 last week and when I asked him what he’d like for his special birthday dessert, he asked me to surprise him.  His only requirement was that it included some kind of homemade ice cream.  I decided to go very classic birthday, which to me means lots of fun colors!  I whipped up…

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Knoxville International Biscuit Festival 2015


It’s May, and that means the return of one of my very favorite local food events – Knoxville’s International Biscuit Festival!  Started in 2009 by a group of biscuit lovers, the celebration has grown exponentially into a nationally recognized food festival.  The entirety of the festival takes place over the course of 3 days and includes food…

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Boom Chicka Bites Popcorn Clusters Review


You may already be familiar with Angie’s line of Boom Chicka Pop popcorn, but now there’s a new kid on the block available exclusively at Target.  Boom Chicka Bites ancient grain popcorn clusters combine the usual yummy Angie’s popcorn with popped sorghum and puffed amaranth in 4 fun flavors, and we tried ‘em all!  BOOMCHICKABITES…

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Dailies | A Week of Firsts, Mother’s Day Zoo Trip, and Milestones


It’s been an eventful week for the little man.  Cinco de Mayo brought two gifts for Jasper – his fourth Imagination Library book and his very first case of the sniffles.  Our first bout with baby sickness taught us something new about being parents.  If the baby is sick, we’re gonna get sick.  There’s just…

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Crock Pot Lemon Chicken, Green Beans, and Sweet Potatoes


A green vegetable, a lean protein, and a complex carbohydrate.  It doesn’t get much more balanced than that!  I made this incredibly easy dinner last week as an experiment and didn’t plan on blogging it at the time, but after it turned out so tasty I compiled the very few photos I snapped with my…

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Dailies | Corgi Birthday, Farmers’ Market, and Lazy Mornings


Last week on April 28th our sweet Dewey turned 5 years old!  I can’t believe that he’s been with us for 5 whole years – I still clearly remember the day we brought him home.  We were so excited to add a second corgi to our family!  We always have some sort of little celebration…

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Crunchmaster Cheezy and Grammy Crisps Review


I had an opportunity to try some new-to-me snack crisps from Crunchmaster.  These snack crackers are from their line of Kids’ Crisps and come in two varieties – cheesy (okay, cheezy) and grammy, which are crispy thin graham crisps.  Both flavors are oven-baked and are gluten and peanut free.  While we don’t know yet if…

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vitafusion™ Fiber Well™ Fit Review | $100 Giveaway!


My husband and I are no strangers to the struggle of starting, enjoying, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  In the early years of our marriage we went through phases of initiating and failing at every restrictive fad diet or exercise program out there.  We finally realized that the reason we were never successful was that we were…

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