Cracker Jacks copycat recipe - here's how to make an authentic copy of this traditional popcorn snack at home!

Cracker Jacks Copycat Recipe

What makes Cracker Jack caramel popcorn just a little bit different from other caramel corn snacks is the use of brown sugar and addition of molasses to the caramel.  This nifty copycat recipe incorporates both of those things to give you that special dark caramel flavor with the extra bite that is characteristic of the…

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Cheesy chicken and potato casserole made WITHOUT any canned condensed soups! Really easy and super delicious weeknight dinner idea!

Cheesy Chicken and Potato Casserole

You can’t beat the convenience of a good casserole.  They’re fast, they’re tasty, and they can make a lot of food all at once.  I’d been shying away from most casseroles recently because so many of the recipes called for adding a can of gloopy condensed soup.  But then I discovered this perfect substitute that…

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Ooey gooey chewy white chocolate raspberry swirl blondies. These delectable cookie bars has a thin crispy crust on the outside with a gooey vanilla white chocolate center, swirled with raspberry! A sweet graham cracker crust allows makes them slice like a dream.

Gooey Chewy White Chocolate Raspberry Blondies

White chocolate with raspberry are killer as a pair, and I was in the mood for some soft, gooey blondies that incorporated both of those flavors. Knowing that I wanted these suckers to remain soft on the inside, I chose to start with a baked graham cracker crust on the bottom to offer some structure…

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Things No One Told Me About Diapering A Toddler

I’m still cruising through my first tour of motherhood with my 17-month old son who is a whirling tornado of energy and attitude.  He’s an all-out no-buts-about-it toddler and with that comes a whole new host of interesting experiences and  challenges.  I never thought I’d catch myself saying that I miss changing a baby’s diaper, but…

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Ham and Bean Stew Cassoulet with Cornmeal Dumplings. This is so easy to make, yields a TON of food, and is SO SO SO GOOD!

Ham and Bean Cassoulet with Cornmeal Dumplings

I’m not sure how cassoulet, which is basically a fancy term for a slow-cooked stew made with meat and beans, has evaded me for my entire life.  Now that I’ve had it, my life will never be the same. My husband has already requested (insisted?) that I make this dinner again, and soon.  It’s thick,…

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Silky smooth butterscotch pie topped with whipped cream made with Bailey's Irish Cream.

Butterscotch Pie with Bailey’s Irish Whipped Cream

Happy Pi Day!  When planning this recipe, I didn’t even realize that I was going to publish it on 3.14.  What a happy accident! I have never in my life had a butterscotch pie before and I can’t remember exactly why I started thinking about one.  But once it got into my head I couldn’t…

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Grilled Nutella and gouda cheese sandwich - yes, really. Apparently this is a thing in Germany?

Grilled Nutella and Gouda Cheese Sandwich

It has recently come to my attention that eating Nutella and cheese sandwiches is a thing, particular in Germany.  I will try anything once, so when this interesting combination of flavors and textures ended up in my crosshairs, I knew I had to make it.  Gouda is the type of cheese recommended for this unconventional…

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Shamrock Dessert shooters - refreshing, minty, and perfectly portioned. These would be perfect to serve after a heavy dinner when you just need a little something sweet instead of a heavy dessert.

Shamrock Dessert Shooters

Though it’s already painfully obvious from the types of recipes that populate this blog, I am a big dessert eater.  If I’m going to sit down to a nice meal, I love to finish things up with a little something sweet. Dessert shooters are an amazing way to finish up a big meal without going…

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Lightened up beef stroganoff - this uses lean beef, yolk-free noodles, and Greek yogurt! Great make ahead meal because it tastes the best the second day!

Lightened Up Ground Beef Stroganoff

Beef stroganoff is a meal I forgot existed.  I recall eating it on occasion throughout my formative years and remember that I liked it, yet I’ve never thought to make it during my adult life until now. A traditional stroganoff is prepared with a heavy sour cream sauce.  To lighten things up a bit, I…

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