Not much going on over here today. More nitpicking about our loan options for the new house (payments and escrows and closing costs, oh my!) I’m actually glad that we have this 90 day “down time” to be picky about the loan we end up with, though, I am a little anxious about whether or… read more »

Nashville & New House

Matt’s mom visited Nashville this week for a conference, and we went over there Saturday to visit and spend a night in the Opryland Hotel, and see a show at the Grand Ole Opry. Taken with crap-camera, as all blog photos are: Then Sunday, we drove back to Knoxville under the pretense that we were… read more »


Punkin was taken to the UT vet hospital today for a complete cardiac work-up. A few months ago during a routine check-up, the vet noticed he had a little bit of a heart murmur. We had a basic echocardiogram performed that showed slight thickening of the walls in his heart, but they recommended we take… read more »

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