First Ice Storm

I couldn’t resist going outside and taking some photos of the ice that fell last night. This is putting a delay on my Christmas shopping plans for today, but at least it’s pretty! This was really cool. A perfect leaf-shaped piece of ice that slipped off of the leaf it was stuck to, and kept…

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Bad blogger, bad!

I’ve been a terrible blogger as of late.  I know.  I KNOW! The dreaded Fall Blitz(tm) has left me buried underneath a pile of work as I slowly but determinedly dig my way out, each edited photo and each design pulling me closer toward seeing the daylight at the top of the heap.  Oh, and don’t even…

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Sibling Rivalry

When we brought Dewey home, Dex was ecstatic.  A buddy!!  A playmate!!  Someone to chase and wrestle when mommy and daddy are too  lazy tired to chase and wrestle.   He was in doggy heaven. .. until Dewey took an interest in the B-A-L-L. This is war. More on this as the story develops.


We love Halloween, but since free time is not easy to come by in these parts, whatever we do has to be quick and dirty. Here’s our home this year: 3 bags of cotton web, 2 rubber spiders, 2 strobe lights (one large, one small), a black light, 2 pumpkin lanterns, 2 plug-in pumpkins (I…

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Dewey Has a Happy!

Corgis have an uncanny ability to pull the strangest and most hilarious faces. Now that’s what I call happy. Dex doesn’t need to crack a smile to show his happy. Give him a Halloween-colored tennis ball and he’s golden.


I had a birthday (not saying which one!) on August 30th! The alarm went off at its usual time of 6:45am. My brain booted up and clawed its way toward consciousness, my ever-present task list already starting to scroll through my mind. I felt Matt roll out of bed, and a few seconds later heard…

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Dewey’s First Bath

Dewey got his first bath at home last weekend. Dex is a bath veteran, so he went first while Dewey got to watch. Halp! Dexter loooves a good towel rub-down. As soon as Dexter’s feet hit the floor, Dewey was on him. Dexter’s ears are nothing but big fuzzy toys! Dewey’s turn! “Not so sher…

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Meteor shower fail

Last night was the peak of the annual Perseid meteor shower, so Matt and I saddled up a tripod, grabbed a picnic blanket, and caused irreversible damage to our spines laying flat on our driveways after midnight. I know that ideally, there is way too much light around for the best viewing and photos. Since…

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