Corgi vs. KONG

Christmas is always a fun time when you have a house full of Corgis! This was Dewey’s second Christmas, and he certainly didn’t forget the wonder that is shredding foil bows to pieces. You certainly can’t have a Christmas morning without a derp face or two. Last year, we started a tradition of stuffing a…

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2011 Christmas Card Outtakes – Corgi Style

Happy New Year to all of our readers!  We sincerely appreciate those of you that stop by our lil’ ole blog, and wish nothing for the best for all of you in 2012! What better way to kick off the New Year than with a post about our sweet boys? Last month, Dexter and Dewey…

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Someone get these boys an agent!

When Dash spent the weekend with us, he brought along his brand new sweater.  Since Dexter & Dewey possess their own matching sweaters, there really was no arguing against what was to come.. GROUP PHOTO!! Alright, let’s get the blinks out of the way up front.  You guys are worse than some of our clients….

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Playing in da Sunshine

A few weeks ago, we babysat Dewey’s brother, Dash, for the weekend!  One sunny afternoon, Matt took everyone outside for some serious, serious fetch time.     Uh oh.. Did someone say.. Fetch?!? Corgi stampede! We’recomingwe’recomingwe’recoming! I do believe someone mentioned.. fetch? Round 1: Dexter!  Did I mention Dexter does not like to share? Trading…

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Twin Bunny Butts

Just a mini bite for today – twin bunny butts and chicken feet!  This is a peek from a larger post that will be coming soon – a Sinful Sunday picnic in the park.  I’ve been sacked out with a relentless cold for most of this week and getting my usual daily work done has…

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Christmas in September

It’s September, and because I’m pouting about the fact that it is supposed to be 98 degrees today, I’m going to talk about Christmas. Yes, Christmas.  In September.  I know, I’m worse than the stores that start selling Halloween decorations in July. I admit, I’m already thinking about my holiday plans this year.  I love…

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Stephen A. Burroughs ain’t got nothin’ on Dexter.


A Challenge

Today, I present to you.. a challenge. Are you ready?  It’s a tough one. Not for the faint of heart. Not for the weak of character. Certainly not for those who melt into a puddle of goo when presented with things that are furry and walk on four legs. Ready? Your challenge, should you choose…

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Puppies at Ijams!

Ijams Nature Center is a beautiful park tucked away just south of downtown Knoxville.  Developed by Harry & Alice Yoe Ijams over 100 years ago, the center remains a popular nature and wildlife sanctuary for flora and fauna lovers alike.  Because Ijams is extremely dog friendly, we gathered together the Corgi Clan and spent a…

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