31 Days of Halloween #13: Louise Paxton

Time for another internet urban legend!   Louise Paxton, a 20-something living in the UK, moves into a new flat and uploads seemingly random videos to her YouTube channel.  But then.. weird things begin to happen.  Bad things.  Terr.. oh, I’ll stop with the charade – these are fun to watch in the background, whether…

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31 Days of Halloween #12: Dogs in Costume

I went prowling around the interwebz tonight and picked out some hilarious photos of doggies in costume! 1. Doggies as Ghosties – seriously, how CUTE is this??   2. Yeah, it’s a corgi.  So I’m biased.  Just a little bit.  But.. cute dino costume! 3.  I’m sorry, I can’t stop laughing long enough to caption…

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31 Days of Halloween #11: Celebrate with Martha

I don’t really follow Martha Stewart, but there’s one thing about her that makes me visit her website, and sometimes catch her show, every year – the woman loves Halloween almost as much as I do!  She does several holiday shows each October and her website is chock full of amazing ideas for anything from…

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31 Days of Halloween #10: Hotel 626

Do you love scary movies, horror novels, or just enjoy having the snot scared out of you?  If so, you might want to give this free game a go.  Hotel 626 (www.hotel626.com) is an in-browser game by the Frito-Lay company.  It’s a truly terrifying game that utilizes several multimedia features to help set the mood….

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31 Days of Halloween #9: The Pumpkin Gutter

I’ll start this entry off with three facts about me: 1. I love carving pumpkins. 2. The pumpkin guts completely gross me out, but I deal with them so I can carve. 3. I am absolutely horrible at carving pumpkins. Scott Cummins of www.pumpkingutter.com, however, is not horrible at carving pumpkins.  In fact, he’s absolutely…

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31 Days of Halloween #8: Nightmares Fear Factory

Nightmares Fear Factory (website here) is a haunted house located near Niagra Falls.  Aside from having one of the most well done websites I’ve ever seen for a local haunted house, Nightmares has also implemented the genius idea of taking a photo of their victims, er, I mean their customers as they encounter a certain…

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31 Days of Halloween #7 – Play With Me

Today’s post is brought to you by yet another freaky internet relic, known simply as, “Play With Me”.  This was shown to me years ago, and though countless hours must have gone into putting this together, it.. it just.. well, why don’t you see for yourself? Come Play With Me Simple instructions.  Let the whole…

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31 Days of Halloween #6: TV Specials

  October is full of great holiday-themed episodes of some of my favorite TV shows.   Enjoy a peek at some of  what I consider to be the best Halloween specials from my childhood!   #5. The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Even casual Simpsons fans (like me) tune in for the annual Halloween special.  They’re too much…

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31 Days of Halloween #5: Peanut Butter Vanilla Pie

Peanut Butter Vanilla No-Bake Pie I had some extra pie crusts left over in the freezer from our chocolate pies a few weeks ago, so I whipped up this cute and easy recipe.  Garnished with candy corn, they’d make a great treat for any Halloween gathering!  I submitted this recipe as a guest post over…

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