Reads: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson

Show of hands – how many of you out there in the blogosphere read TheBloggess? Ok, of those of you who didn’t raise your hands, how many of you read TheBloggess but you’re too ashamed to admit it? Uh uh, I thought so. I’ve been reading Jenny’s blog for several years now, and I just…

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Reads: A Good American by Alex George

The Meisenheimer family made their way across the big ole sea to settle into a new American life.  The story chronicles both the heartwarming and heartbreaking moments of embracing a new country (sometimes readily, other times not so much) and laying down new roots to anchor the lives of their children and their children’s children….

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Reads: Here I Go Again by Jen Lancaster

  Jen Lancaster’s Here I Go Again is a book you want to grab if you’re having a jones for some light, easy reading.  In this story, Mean Girls meets The Butterfly Effect when teen princess Lissy Ryder finds herself knocked off of her high school thrown and gets hit square in the face with some cold hard…

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Reads: The Willpower Instinct

  Well well well, here we are at the starting line to another year. 2013 is here, and once again I find myself surrounded by a flood of social media postings declaring goals and resolutions for the coming year. It’s great to have goals, and though the idea of a “New Year Resolution” can seem…

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Reads | Diary of a Submissive by Sophie Morgan

On the heels of the Fifty Shades of Grey craze comes an autobiographical account of what it’s really like to be in the type of relationship described in E.L Morgan’s smash hit trilogy.  I’ll admit, I’ve only read the first two books in the Fifty Shades series.  I’m a sheep and when a book, movie, or…

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Matched by Ally Condie

I read quite a bit of young adult sci-fi. It’s so darn fun. The stories are simple and interesting, they’re a fast read, and they usually come in series – giving me plenty of nighttime reading material for weeks. I was giddy when I was asked to review Matched by Ally Condie – it is…

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Reads: What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

  When summer rolls around each year, my reading tastes shift a bit.  I indulge in stories that are lighter, easy reads – ones that are perfect for kicking back in a chair and wiggling your toes in the sand while someone brings you a fruity adult beverage in half a pineapple with a tiny…

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Reads: Where She Went by Gayle Forman

I’m usually the type to read books slowly.  I like to take them in, savor the story, picture every detail in my head.  My husband heaps a fair amount of teasing on me because of how long it takes me to get through a single book, but I just can’t help it.  Reading is my…

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Reads: Lost and Found by Geneen Roth

I just finished reading Lost and Found by Geneen Roth – a brutally honest account of the author’s financial tragedy when an investment scam left her, and a handful of her friends, in monetary ruin. While working her way through the flip-flop of having a nice fat bank balance to the sudden uncertainty of whether…

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