Carver’s Orchard and Applehouse Restaurant | Cosby, TN


Desperate to do something fall-related to kick off my favorite time of the year (not to mention the most beautiful season in Tennessee), we loaded up with some friends and headed to Cosby, TN to check out Carver’s Orchard (that link’ll take you to their Facebook page!)

Knoxville’s Cupcakes in the Park 2013


Cupcakes in the Park is a fun annual event hosted by the Helen Ross McNabb Center.  Its purpose is to raise funds to support mental health, addiction and social services in the Knoxville community.  The event is supported by many local sponsors as well as a plethora of bakeries that donate their yummy treats for the… read more »

Knoxville Greek Fest 2013


This past weekend we hit up a yearly local event right here in our cute little city – Knoxville’s 34th annual Greek fest!

It Came from the Kitchen


I was in the middle of a fitful night of sleep, tossing and turning in between a seemingly endless stream of nightmares.  First, I was a young boy (uh, what?) and I was running away from “something” while big, scary men tried to chase me.  At one point, I recognized one of the men as… read more »

An Anniversary, A Recipe, and Cute Corgis!


We just passed our 8th wedding anniversary, and we decided to spend it lounging outdoors at a local park with Dexter and Dewey.  It was a warm, sunny day, and since it was a weekday we had the park almost completely to ourselves.  We packed up a picnic, a blanket, our camp chairs, and our… read more »

Knoxville International Biscuit Festival 2013


Yesterday we woke to grey skies and rain, but there wasn’t much that could dampen our spirits, because we had plans to meet up with Kara & Remington for our second time at Knoxville’s International Biscuit Festival!  BiscuitFest occurs alongside the regular Market Square Farmer’s Market, and biscuit festivities extend down into the Market St.… read more »

Reads: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson


Show of hands – how many of you out there in the blogosphere read TheBloggess? Ok, of those of you who didn’t raise your hands, how many of you read TheBloggess but you’re too ashamed to admit it? Uh uh, I thought so. I’ve been reading Jenny’s blog for several years now, and I just… read more »

Reads: A Good American by Alex George

The Meisenheimer family made their way across the big ole sea to settle into a new American life.  The story chronicles both the heartwarming and heartbreaking moments of embracing a new country (sometimes readily, other times not so much) and laying down new roots to anchor the lives of their children and their children’s children.… read more »

Reads: Here I Go Again by Jen Lancaster


  Jen Lancaster’s Here I Go Again is a book you want to grab if you’re having a jones for some light, easy reading.  In this story, Mean Girls meets The Butterfly Effect when teen princess Lissy Ryder finds herself knocked off of her high school thrown and gets hit square in the face with some cold hard… read more »