pregnancy announcement with corgi dogs

Our Family is Growing!

Wow, 3 months with no new posts!  As you can see by the image above, Matt and I found out some very big news – we are finally pregnant with our first baby!  I found out on February 17th, shortly before my stay at the Inn at Christmas Place, which would also unknowingly be my…

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First Snow of 2014

We had a decent amount of snow a couple of weeks ago that really shocked us all – forecasts were calling for a dusting at most, but what we got was a steady snow shower that lasted most of a day and into the evening, eventually covering us in 4-5 inches of snow – a…

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Our 2013 Christmas at Home

I’ve realized something about myself. What I’ve realized is that I positively stink at taking candid, random photos throughout the holidays.  Other than the usual pikcher-takin’ of the treats and things that I bake so that I can share with all of you, as well as our annual Christmas card photo shoot, I’m typically left…

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2013 Christmas Card Outtakes

Christmas in our home means that it’s time to subject our poor corgis to the torture and humiliation of the yearly Christmas card!  As always, we ended up with a handful of hilarious outtakes, and as always, we’re happy to share them with all of you! Oh great, it’s that time of year again?  Already?…

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First Snow | 2013 Holiday Season | Knoxville, Tennessee

We got a little snow last night, which officially makes this the first winter weather of the 2013 holiday season!  I grabbed my camera and went outside for just a few moments to take some photos to document the occasion.  How fun is it to have some white stuff the day before Thanksgiving?


Doggy Portrait Fail

I haven’t taken any deliberate photos of the boys in way too long!  Yesterday was a gorgeous day, so we headed out into the backyard, images of beautiful fall portraits of Dexter and Dewey already dancing around in my brain. It was just not to be, my friends. I knew this was going to be…

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Carver’s Orchard and Applehouse Restaurant | Cosby, TN

Desperate to do something fall-related to kick off my favorite time of the year (not to mention the most beautiful season in Tennessee), we loaded up with some friends and headed to Cosby, TN to check out Carver’s Orchard (that link’ll take you to their Facebook page!)


Knoxville’s Cupcakes in the Park 2013

Cupcakes in the Park is a fun annual event hosted by the Helen Ross McNabb Center.  Its purpose is to raise funds to support mental health, addiction and social services in the Knoxville community.  The event is supported by many local sponsors as well as a plethora of bakeries that donate their yummy treats for the…

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