An Anniversary, A Recipe, and Cute Corgis!


We just passed our 8th wedding anniversary, and we decided to spend it lounging outdoors at a local park with Dexter and Dewey.  It was a warm, sunny day, and since it was a weekday we had the park almost completely to ourselves.  We packed up a picnic, a blanket, our camp chairs, and our… read more »

Knoxville International Biscuit Festival 2013


Yesterday we woke to grey skies and rain, but there wasn’t much that could dampen our spirits, because we had plans to meet up with Kara & Remington for our second time at Knoxville’s International Biscuit Festival!  BiscuitFest occurs alongside the regular Market Square Farmer’s Market, and biscuit festivities extend down into the Market St.… read more »

Knoxville | First Ice Storm of 2013


We had ourselves a lil bit of an ice storm here in Knoxville today, so I stepped outside of my nice warm house (ever thankful that we haven’t lost power!) for a few minutes to take some photos. What’s your favorite way to spend an ice or snow day? I like to bundle up with… read more »

A Peek at the Holidays


Typically, we take many photos throughout the holiday season.  This year we certainly fell behind, but I do have a few to share, so I thought I’d post up a glance at what our holidays looked like. First, let’s start with the food coma that is Thanksgiving: This is probably only 2/3 of what was… read more »

Fekkai Round Styling Brush – and a special offer!


Howdy ho!  I wanted to share a great site that I came across and talk about a product that I cannot live without. This is a large round stylish brush from Fekkai.  The Frederic Fekkai collection of hair care products has something for all hair types.  Everything from Fekkai – from hair care to styling… read more »

Star Play


I’ve had these photos sitting on my hard drive for a while, but never got around to doing anything with them.  In August, we stayed up late with Kara & Remington to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower.  We set up our camera on a tripod to automatically snap a photo every 30 seconds, then sprawled… read more »

Greek Fest Knoxville 2012


Yesterday evening, we met up with Kara & Remington and headed to the 33rd annual Greek Fest!   Held at St. George Greek Orthodox Church on Cumberland Avenue, this 3-day festival is a great way to experience Greek culture through food, dancing, and crafts. We sampled several things to share.. what you see here is spanakopita… read more »

Dove Visiblecare Body Wash and $500 gift certificate SWEEPSTAKES!


Alright gals, listen up. I’m pretty picky about the body wash that I use for my daily showers.  My skin is quite dry, and at times can feel itchy and uncomfortable.  I’m also prone to red or ashy-looking patches if I don’t keep myself thoroughly moisturized.  This even happens to me in the 1000% humidity… read more »

My Artist’s Way Toolkit by Julia Cameron


I first heard of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron several years ago.  A creative friend of mine was reaching a point of burnout and needed some techniques to get herself centered again.  She wrote a public journal of her experiences with using the program, and though I was intrigued, I never got around to… read more »