Chocolate Toffee Dipped Sugar Cookies

When I was younger, I remember having a sugar cookie recipe that would bake up into the most pillowy, thick, melt-in-your-mouth cookies ever.  It was my undisputed favorite recipe for sugar cookies.  Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to keep track of that recipe through the years, and I have been searching for it ever since! I’ve…

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10 Fun Christmas Cookie Ideas

Christmas is indisputably the time of year for baking, gifting and eating lots and lots of cookies!!  The talented bloggers from all over the world have been busy little elves posting up some delicious and unique ideas to add to your cookie repertoire this year, so I decided to round up a few that caught…

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Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Meringues

As strange as this sounds, meringues are one of my favorite types of cookies.  They’re light, cute, easy to make, and there’s so much you can do with them!  They’re also perfect for the holidays and colder months, as these little guys do not play well with humidity.  They will drink up any available moisture…

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10 Mouth-Watering S’mores Recipes

I know s’mores are typically thought of as a summery treat, but I think they are just as relevant for fall.  I’d much rather huddle around a crackling  fire when the air is crisp as opposed to a balmy summer evening, wouldn’t you?  So for all of you fall campers out there, I’ve put together…

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Tangy Lime Sugar Cookies

It seems most people either love or hate sugar cookies, and for me, there’s always been something comforting and nostalgic about this simple little cookie.  The smooth, sweet buttery flavor of a sugar cookie just kinda makes you feel better about life sometimes, you agree?


Vanilla Cupcake Comparisons | Which is Best?

Pssst..  wanna know a secret? I love cake. Like.. I really, really, really love cake.  Having sampled a countless number of them (I have worked in the wedding industry for over 7 years, you know) in my lifetime, I admit to being a bit of a snob about texture and flavor.   To me, a…

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Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ah.  The chocolate chip cookie.  The most basic of baked sweets, and arguably a universally loved treat.   The search for the “perfect” chocolate chip cookie is a journey that most bakers take, but what exactly defines a perfect cookie? There are big, puffy cookies with a light, cake-like texture inside. Or how about a…

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Decorated Hunger Games Cookies

Psst.. I have a confession. I do not have a strong track record with making food that is.. pretty.  It’s something that I’ve desperately wanted to learn for many years, but each attempt has ended with a disappointing result.  Last weekend, I decided it was time to try again. I planned to attempt some decorated…

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