Caramel Apple Martini – an “It’s almost Fall” kinda post


I whipped up this delicious Caramel Apple Martini, trying in vain to encourage fall to hurry the heck up and get here!  I contributed the recipe as a guest post on the Pig of the Month food blog, and  you can read all about how to make this delicious drink at home by clicking right… read more »

What’s For Dinner – Sinful Sunday #5!


After hiking the Little Bottoms trail to Abrams Falls, we were ready for some serious Sinful Sunday action.  Fajitas!   I know, didn’t I just post a recipe for faux-jitas just a few days ago?  Well, that one is all healthy and good for you, and this one is uh… not. There’s not a whole… read more »

Peanut Butter Dog Treats


Peanut Butter Dog Treats As much as we love working in the kitchen, we sometimes forget that there are others besides the two of us that we can cook for – our pups!  I made these for Dexter & Dewey over the holiday weekend, and I’m convinced they now think I’m the most wonderful person… read more »

What’s For Dinner – Ground Turkey Fajitas


Ground Turkey Fajitas (Okay, so they are faux-jitas, but close enough, right?) I was desperate for some new healthy recipes to add to our weekday dinners.  A little googling brought me to this recipe from  I altered it just a bit and ended up with a flavorful meal with zero guilt!  The recipe below… read more »

What’s For Dinner – Sinful Sunday #4!


  Japanese Beef Curry This stuff will blow the socks right off of your feet.  An explosion of flavor, this dish is not for those who enjoy only bland food.  This is an absolutely delicious recipe, and I insist that you make it tonight.  Actually, why wait until tonight?  Go to the store right now… read more »

What’s For Dinner – Vegetable Beef Stew


Vegetable Beef Stew This is another one of our simple no-fuss meals that is perfect for busy lifestyles and healthy living.  Vegetable soup is so warm and comforting, and I find this recipe to be very filling.  The crushed tomato and chicken broth base cooks into a thinner soup, but if you’d like to thick… read more »

What’s For Dinner – Sinful Sunday #3!


    Creamy Chicken Enchiladas   Mmm.. talk about a Sinful Sunday!   We got a craving for this recipe a couple of Sundays ago, even though we usually only bust it out as our traditional Halloween meal. I have no idea why we always make it on Halloween, since it has nothing to do… read more »

What’s for Dinner | Fresh Chicken Salad


    Fresh Chicken Salad Confession:  We eat this for dinner every single week, sometimes several days in a row.  It fits in perfectly with our nutritional needs, it’s simple and fresh, you can make it in advance, and the best part?  It’s very filling!  Because this is one of our calorie and portion-controlled meals,… read more »

Homemade Chicken Teriyaki


Homemade Chicken Teriyaki Mmmm.  Who doesn’t love chicken teriyaki?  We adore this recipe and whip it up every few weeks or so as one of our weekend dinners.  We’ve been able to make this fit into our nutrition plan by budgeting our calories earlier in the day, since this one has a bit of a… read more »