The Apple Barn | Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant

Wowza – a new post!  Thank you to everyone who stuck with me for the last week’s blog hiatus.  Between it being SuperBusyTime in my professional life and hosting our out of town family at our home, I’ve been a wee bit occupied.   I hope I didn’t lose too many of you out there…

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Sinful Saturday – You’re Doing it Right

Many of you are aware of the nutritional debauchery that goes on in our house during a little celebration known as Sinful Sunday. If not, here’s how it goes down:  Matt and I eat a pretty controlled, healthy diet for most of the week.   But one day, usually Sunday, we relax and allow ourselves…

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Corgi Birthday Party | Pupcake Recipe

We celebrated Dash & Dewey’s 2nd birthday this past weekend with our good buds Kara & Remington.  For those who don’t already know, we have 3 corgis between us.  Matt and I own Dexter and Dewey, and Kara & Remington own Dash, who is Dewey’s biological brother.   It’s becoming a bit of a tradition…

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Pear Apple Coconut Bars

This was one of those recipes I tried to use up some ingredients in my kitchen.  I made these on a Sunday afternoon, but I imagine they’d be lovely in the morning with a cup of hot coffee. Making bar treats is really enjoyable – mainly because they bake up so quickly!  No switching out…

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Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ah.  The chocolate chip cookie.  The most basic of baked sweets, and arguably a universally loved treat.   The search for the “perfect” chocolate chip cookie is a journey that most bakers take, but what exactly defines a perfect cookie? There are big, puffy cookies with a light, cake-like texture inside. Or how about a…

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Chocolate Chip Ginger Muffins

The other day I posed a question: what is the difference between a cupcake and a muffin? This is one of those muffins that can tow the line.  There’s no oil, nuts, or dried fruit in the batter.  Heck, they are even full of chocolate chips!  The texture is a bit fluffier than a hearty…

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Homemade Baked Ranch Tortilla Chips

I have such fun creating home versions of favorite packaged foods.  I mean, have you ever looked at the ingredients lists of some snack foods?  Some are full of things I can’t even pronounce, let alone things I don’t want to be putting into my body. Matt and I love to dig into a good…

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Decorated Hunger Games Cookies

Psst.. I have a confession. I do not have a strong track record with making food that is.. pretty.  It’s something that I’ve desperately wanted to learn for many years, but each attempt has ended with a disappointing result.  Last weekend, I decided it was time to try again. I planned to attempt some decorated…

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