10 Side Dishes to Kick Your Thanksgiving Up A Notch


I love seeing all of the unique twists and spins that bloggers are putting on classic Thanksgiving recipes.  I put together a round-up of some that caught my eye.  Please click through to the original blogs for the recipes and leave them some comment love for being awesome and creative! Bacon Ranch Green Beans by…

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Fall Harvest Bean Salad


I made this salad for a camping trip a couple of weeks ago when I wanted something a little more interesting than chips to go with our easy dinner of roast beef wraps.  I mixed everything together the morning of our trip and then just tossed it into the camper’s fridge in a tupperware container….

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Roasted Sweet Potato Banana Roll-Ups | Nasoya Review


I’m super duper excited to share my favorite new discovery this holiday season – roasted sweet potatoes and bananas.  Seriously you guys, this flavor combination is absolutely amazing and I’m not even a big fan of bananas!  I was initially introduced to this concept when our friends shared a post for their sweet potato casserole….

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Easy Cornbread Recipe, Revised


Everyone needs a good recipe for cornbread in their arsenal.  I first posted this recipe two years ago (wow, it was two years ago exactly, how weird is that?) as a last minute addition, hence the iPhone photo on the first post.  I shared that photo on Twitter and was immediately covered in requests to…

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Five Halloween Snack Mixes


Having a snack mix around on Halloween night is a great way to have something festive to snack on without diving into the candy bowl reserved for all of the cute trick-or-treaters!  I love snack mixes… anytime, anywhere, and for any holiday.  There are so many different variations, and what’s cool about them is that…

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