Show Me Your.. Desktop! Winner!

*drumroll* The results are in!  Thanks to everyone who participated, and to those who took advantage of the extra entries! Let’s get this party started and list all of the desktops that were submitted! I want to be on that beach! I keep that same clock widget doo-hickey on my second monitor.  Love it! Wish… read more »

Show Me Your… Desktop!

That’s right, folks, it’s time for our next Show Me Your contest!  We want to see your desktops!  Do you have a sneeze of folders, photos, and applications and spend hours locating what you want to open? Are you particular about keeping your icons categorized and neatly arranged? Or are you one of those weirdos who prefers… read more »

Show Me Your.. Fridge – RESULTS!

This was fun! Thanks to everyone who participated. Be sure to stick around our blog for the next one! On to the entries.. winner is announced at the bottom!   2 People | Sales | Apartment 2 People | Stay-at-home Mom & Verizon Tech Support | Duplex 2 People | Telephone Operator | Duplex 3… read more »

New Category.. and a contest!

Matt and I were sitting around and trying to think of ways to make our little blog more interactive for our readers. Cue the invention of a new category here at Brownie Bites. “Show me Your…”! Now, you’re probably thinking, “‘Show me Your..’? Show me your what?? This better not be anything dirty! I’m not… read more »