10 Ideas for your Summer Cookouts


Yay summer!  We’re in the middle of the season for grills, pools, campfires, fireflies, and sunblock.  It’s also the season for inviting a bunch of friends and family over for those weekend barbecues and cookouts!  I put together a round-up of some fun ideas that bloggers have shared for spicing up your get togethers. *Photo… read more »

Opinions | Balance Bar GOLD Caramel Nut Blast


First of all, a big huge apology to the kind folks over at Balance Bar.  They emailed me this past Spring and asked me to help them promote Chocolate Caramel Day and try out their yummy Caramel Nut Blast flavor of nutrition bar.  Well, that sounded great to me!  However, Chocolate Caramel Day happened to… read more »

Opinions | Gatherer’s Granola and GIVEAWAY!!


Recently, we heard about Gatherer’s Gourmet Granola  via the non-GMO Project .  I was intrigued by the quirky branding and fun names of their unique granola blends, and Matt and I were pretty stoked to get to try them out.  Matt in particular enjoys a good bowl of granola on weekend mornings, so I knew he’d be… read more »

Opinions: graze.com Snack Delivery


I kept seeing statuses advertising graze.com on Facebook and knew I wanted to try it out.  Graze is a natural and healthy snack delivery service that offers a wide variety of portion-controlled snacks delivered right to your door in either 2 or 4 week intervals.

Opinions: Bakery on Main Truebar Review and GIVEAWAY!


This week, we gave a test run to Truebars by Bakery on Main.  The first thing that caught my eye about these healthy nutrition bars was the cute branding.  “I’m a _________ bar with nothing to hide!”  They really back up that claim, too.  The bars are verified non-GMO, certified gluten free and Kosher Parve.… read more »

Throw a Disney Frozen Themed Party!


Disney’s Frozen has easily stolen the spot of one of my favorite Disney films ever, and I know I’m not alone in that sentiment!  It will no doubt be one of the hottest birthday party themes of the year, so for all of you planners out there, I put together some ideas of wintry, icy-themed… read more »

Easy Cake Decorating Ideas That Require NO Skill!


Let’s face it, decorating a cake is not always easy, so sometimes having a few shortcuts up our sleeves can be a lifesaver when you need to present an attractive cake but lack the skills to do something too elaborate.  These easy birthday cakes are practically no fail, and someone with very little to no… read more »

Opinions: Premier Organics Artisana Nut Butters, Ek Chok and GIVEAWAY!


Matt and I eat natural peanut butter just about every day, but did you know there’s a whole world of unique nut butters out there made with something other than the good ole peanut?  I recently tried a sampling of Artisana’s raw organic products, and they were a real treat.  Artisana products are certified kosher… read more »

Cool Kitchen Gadgets You May (or may not) Need


Heaven knows I don’t need any more kitchen stuff, but occasionally I find myself peeking around Pinterest boards and websites and drooling over all of the fun culinary gadgets that exist.  Some are completely silly, some are just fun or hilarious, but some are really useful! Yesterday, I found myself yet again browsing around and… read more »