What I Think About The Honest Company


Beauty products, household cleaners, and diapers, oh my!  This assortment of goodies gets both my inner mommy and girly-girl excited.  I’m sure you’ve heard of The Honest Company since they are all the rage right now.  I’d ogled over their diapers and heard great things about the eco-friendly and body-safe ingredients that they use in… read more »

Vitalicious VitaEgg Flatbread Sandwich Review + Giveaway!


We’re gon’ talk breakfast today.  Specifically, we’re gon’ talk fast breakfast.  On any given morning I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 36.5 seconds to prepare breakfast before the baby wakes up.  Sure, I could set an alarm and sneak out a little earlier in order to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee without being… read more »

Elli Quark Review | Is it yogurt or not??


Looks like yogurt, right?  Wrong.  Elli Quark is actually cheese!  Yeah, I’d never heard of quark before so I was a bit confused.  It looks and smells like yogurt but has a milder flavor – it’s missing that tangy bit of sourness that yogurts have.  Quark is a German style spoonable fresh cheese that has… read more »

PB Crave Peanut Butter Review + GIVEAWAY!


Flavored peanut butter is ubiquitous nowadays and I get embarrassingly excited each time a new variety crosses my path.  When I heard about these fun flavors that PB Crave has been whipping up I knew that they needed a place of honor in my (rather large) collection of nut butters.  I mean, just look at… read more »

Protein Cheerios Review


During a routine weekly grocery trip I saw a big display for these Protein Cheerios.  As we all know, I can’t resist a package emblazoned with a bold “NEW!” so I parked my cart for a moment to check them out.  So Cheerios is jumping on the higher protein bandwagon, huh?  There’s always some variety of Cheerios… read more »

Wine Ice Cream Actually Exists


It’s Friday – a day of date nights out with your honey or quiet nights at home snuggled up with a glass of wine or a pint of ice cream.  Well now you can have both.  Mercer’s Dairy has created what is possibly the most important ice cream concoction ever conceived – wine ice cream.  It’s wine.  In… read more »

Red Velvet Oreos Have Arrived. That is all.


I’ve accepted that every time Oreo comes out with a new limited edition flavor, I’m gonna buy it.  And most of the time I’m not disappointed – those pumpkin spice Oreos from last fall were nothing short of glorious and the cookie dough variety from last spring were not too shabby either.  Well, here we… read more »

Super Bowl Snacking with Pirate’s Booty | Review + Free Printables


Since I am a huge football fan, I look forward to the Super Bowl every year to see big men crash into each other as they shuttle a ball from one end of a field to the other.  Nothing thrills me more than yelling about unfair penalties and bad calls while trash-talking with fans of the… read more »

Yes, Go Forth and Eat Carbs! Great Low Carb Bread Company Review + GIVEAWAY


There’s nothing more fun about doing food reviews than when I get to nom-nom a metric ton of carbs, except this time I get to do it guilt-free.  The Great Low Carb Bread Company is a small operation based in North Hollywood and they specialize in helping people restrict their carbohydrate intake while not going batcrap insane.  It’s… read more »