2015 GreekFest in Knoxville, Tennessee


It’s almost time to say goodbye to September, and that means that it’s time for one of our favorite local food events – Greek Fest!  This was our third time attending the festival (see my blog posts from the 2012 and 2013 fests).  Last year we missed out because I was about a thousand months pregnant…

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Photo Tour of The Tennessee Valley Fair 2015


September in Knoxville means it’s time for the annual Tennessee Valley Fair!  We set aside a Sunday to spend some family time at the fair and we couldn’t have picked a more gorgeous day with temperatures in the low 70’s, sapphire blue skies and big puffy clouds.  Let me take you on a photo tour…

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St. Demetrios Greek Festival in Daytona Beach, Florida


This post brought to you by Daytona Beach Area Convention & Visitors Bureau. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Brownie Bites. September has arrived and with it comes the hope of cooler temperatures, vibrant colors, pumpkin everything, and the best part – local food festivals!  I wanted to share some information about…

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Seaside Bar & Grill Review | Waikiki, Hawaii

Coconut Delight Breakfast at Seaside Bar and Grill

While vacationing in Hawaii we never fully adjusted to the 6-hour time difference.  Because of that, we started our days around 4AM and by the time our bodies told us that it was lunch time, the clock told us that it was still breakfast time.  Jasper was deep into his first nap of the day…

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Stocking the Camper On a Budget | Shopping Haul


Before we could take our new camper  out for its maiden voyage we had to stock it with goodies ‘n supplies.  We wanted to load it up with items that would stay in there all the time so that packing for a trip would require little more than adding our food and clothes and hitting the road.  I’m…

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Things To Do at Dole Plantation | Trip Report


As the second most-visited tourist attraction in the state of Hawaii, the Dole Plantation attracts scads of people every single day.  We set aside a morning to visit this Hawaii staple and enjoyed a day of absolutely gorgeous weather.  The plantation is located near Wahiawa in the central part of the island of Oahu.  This section of…

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Holy Crap, We Bought an RV! Camper Tour


Growing up, I was a glamper. What’s a glamper, you ask?  It’s someone who enjoys every part of camping except the unpleasant bits.  Things like dirty bathrooms or no bathrooms, hard tent floors, hot or freezing cold temperatures, and having to unpack and re-pack your entire car every time you want a meal or risk attracting every bear within…

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Breakfast in Waikiki | Eggs ‘n Things Review


While taking an early morning walk through Waikiki Beach we noticed an impressive crowd outside of Eggs ‘n Things and commented that it must be a great place to draw in such a crowd on a weekday morning.  When our friends suggested that we meet there for breakfast the following Sunday (which happened to be…

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