Alcatraz Tour – San Francisco, California – on THE ROCK!

First off, I’d like to start this post by saying Happy Birthday to good ole Dr. Seuss!   Born on March 2nd, 1904 and died on September 24th, 1991.  He will always be one of my very favorite poets. Now, on with the show! Last time, we left off with the ferry ride to Alcatraz Island….

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Ferry to Alcatraz Island

No, I’m not talking about the new television show on FOX – I’m talking about the real thing!  The really really real thing! After picking up our tickets and programs, we had our photo taken and waited in line to board the ferry to the island.


Hanging out at Fisherman’s Wharf

Here’s a big photo sneeze of our day walking around the piers and Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco! Ready? *sniffs pepper* Ahh.. Ahhh.. Ah-CHOO! Well, darnit! The little shrimp looks like the sea monkey ads in the back of comic books, I think. I’ve been seeing Left-handed stores like this pop up all over the…

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Ghirardelli Square – Chocolate Heaven

Did you know that Ghirardelli has a second R in it?  How did I never see that?  How did I go through my entire life spelling that word completely and 100% wrong and not even notice?? It’s so unlike me.  I have been enlightened.  Never again will I face the embarrassment of being a chocolate…

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Visiting the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

While staying with our friend in San Mateo, we decided to skip over to San Fran for a day of fun! Our first stop was the Golden Gate Bridge.  Tolls are collected in the southbound lanes (headed toward San Francisco) and at the time of our visit (December 20th, 2011) the rates were as follows:…

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Driving the Pacific Coast Highway

Needing to get ourselves from Orange County to San Mateo, Matt wanted to take the Pacific Coast Highway, telling me it was a drive that I needed to take at least once.  He knew it would add a little time to our road trip, but he said it would be worth it. It so was….

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Neptune’s Palace on Pier 39 – San Francisco, CA

Our most recent California trip is going to be posted all kinds of out of order, so bear with me! After a fabulous few days with Matt’s family in Orange County, we rented a car and drove up the GORGEOUS Pacific Coast Highway to the San Mateo/San Francisco area to spend the last full day…

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What Do You Mean, You’re Out Of Ginger Ale?

All photos in this post taken with iPhone 4s It was  “our turn” to make the trek out to California to see our West Coast family for the holidays this year (er.. last year.  Dang.  I still don’t have the hang of this 2012 stuff).  I was sifting through some of the photos from that…

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Hotel Tour: Ayres Suites Yorba Linda

I had so much fun doing a photo tour of Animal Kingdom Lodge and our stateroom on the Disney Dream cruise ship, that I’ve decided to do a tour of all of the hotels we visit!  When we first arrived in California in June, Matt’s dad was feeling a little under the weather, so Matt’s…

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