Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | Costa Maya

Because our Grand Cayman port was cancelled, we got into Costa Maya a half a day early, giving us a full dayBefore we were free to disembark, we headed up to Satellite Falls to take photos from the upper deck and chill for a bit! Costa Maya is a teeny tiny little port, surrounded by…

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Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | Dinner at Royal Court

Your surroundings get just a lil fancier in the Royal Court, which is located on Deck 3, right off of the main atrium of the ship. I started off with the Iced Lobster & Jumbo Shrimp – White and Green Asparagus, Micro Greens, and Lemon-Dill dressing with Horseradish Cream Matt had the Double Baked Spinach and…

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Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | Palo Brunch

Our first morning on the ship, we awoke to find our little room rockin’ and a rollin’.  A quick peek outside told us everything that we needed to know.  The sky was dark with clouds, there were a few sprays of water on our window, and the water was extremely choppy.  It was a sea…

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Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | Europa District

Starting closer to mid-ship, you see this hallway headed aft that leads to all of the fun adults-only areas of the ship!  First, though, let’s stop at that first door on the left there. This is the D-Lounge, and all ages are welcome!  There are lots of family-friendly activities that go on in here, including…

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Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | Animator’s Palate

Our first rotational dinner was scheduled for Animator’s Palate.  This restaurant is found in all of the Disney ships, but the decor on the Dream and Fantasy versions are much different than the Magic and the Wonder.  Click here to view this restaurant on our Magic cruise last year! From the paint palate shapes on…

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Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | Sailing Away

We continue our cruise posts with one of the most exciting parts of the trip… sailing away!  Sailing away, running away, escaping, leaving, blowing the pop stand, making like a bread truck and hauling buns – whatever you want to call it, we were on our way OUT! The weather at the port wasn’t unpleasant,…

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Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | Enchanted Garden Lunch

Soon after getting on the ship, our lil’ group decided it was time for some lunch!  There are usually a few places open for lunch on Embarkation Day, and the hours are listed in the Navigator (newsletter/calendar thing that you get each morning that tells you everything going on that day).  We headed down to…

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