Land of the Rising Sun – Part 13 – Nara


It’s back from the dead – more photos from the Japan archives!  Just when you thought I was finally done with my series of incessant ramblings and photo sneezes. In all seriousness, there are still lots of great places I haven’t blogged yet, even in the shadow of the the amazing areas I saw in… read more »

Land of the Rising Sun – Part 12 – Kiso Valley (Nakasendo and Magome)

Kiso Valley Nakasendo Hike

I know you’re all grieving after the end to the epic series of Disney blog posts, but fear not!  I still have plenty of photos from Japan saved up for this occasion.  Here is the 2nd half of our epic journey through Kiso Valley, beginning immediately after the end of the parade full of people… read more »

Land of the Rising Sun – Part 11 – Kiso Valley (Tsumago)

Finally, it’s time for my favorite experience of the entire 2 weeks – Kiso Valley! First, a little history.  Back in the days of feudal Japan, there were two routes that connected Kyoto (when it was still the capital), and Edo (later Tokyo).  One was the Tokaido (“East Ocean Road”) along the ocean, and the… read more »

Land of the Rising Sun – Part 10 – Matsumoto

*tap tap* THIS THING ON?  Whoops, got a little too close to the mic, heh.  Been a little while since I’ve been on the stage here.  Please forgive me.  Apparently a little place known as “Florida” has been getting all the gigs lately, while my washed-up and amateur routine has been temporarily shelved.  But through… read more »

Land of the Rising Sun – Part 9 – Yokohama

Bad news – this post will be sorta short.  Good news – less opportunity for me to ramble.  Also, every one of these was taken at night and with my point-and-shoot camera, so the quality will be a bit lacking again. Without furtho ado – Jer was a bit jet-lagged and we stayed at the… read more »

Land of the Rising Sun – Part 8 – The Gang in Tokyo!

On a couple of notes – huzzah!  We are back and refreshed from a much-needed week of Disney magic, just in time to resume the Japan posts – starting with the first appearances of my bro and of my gracious hosts, Masa and Asuka. Masa and Asuka, like many Tokyo-ites, work long and crazy hours,… read more »

Land of the Rising Sun – Part 7 – Shibuya and Shinjuku

It’s about time for another one of these… I have been slacking for too long!  OK, so I can’t call it slacking too much, given the amount of other things we’ve been posting throughout the last month.  Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be finishing all of these before our upcoming Disney trip, so… read more »

Land of the Rising Sun – Part 6 – Asakusa #2

After my narcissistic self-portrait-in-the-building, I turned around and headed back towards the dock where I’d soon load up for a very personal, off-the-beaten-path, untouristy boat ride down the heart of Tokyo (yes, I’m laying it on pretty thick).  The Sumida river is similar to the Hudson river or to the Chicago river in that it… read more »

Land of the Rising Sun – Part 5 – Edo/Tokyo Museum and Asakusa #1

I’m back!  It’s been too long since the last update.  Apologies.  I’ve just finished building 104′ feet of fence for our spoiled rotten Corgis, so now I can return my attention to hopefully cranking out these updates.  We’ve set a goal to finish these by the time we leave on our Disney trip, so I’ve… read more »