Land of the Rising Sun – Part 4 – Akihabara

OK, now it’s time for something a little different.  Day number three takes us back from the smaller towns on the outskirts of Tokyo, to right smack in the middle of the largest metropolis in the world.  This series is Akihabara, known as the “Electric Town” section of Tokyo.  Just a couple of stops from… read more »

Land of the Rising Sun – Part 3 – Kamakura #2

Not wasting any time here – straight on to the second half of Kamakura.  Here we’re picking up shortly after the adulterous charm episode as described in the previous post.  Another couple of miles of walking around would lead to the center of the city, where the well-known shopping street and the largest shrine of… read more »

Land of the Rising Sun – Part 2 – Kamakura #1

This next entry in this new Japan series comes to you from Kamakura, a small town about an hour outside of Tokyo that is loaded with ancient history and relics.  With Fuji checked off of my list, my legs still feeling fresh, and a rather boring weather forecast, I quickly made the decision to hit… read more »

Land of the Rising Sun – Part 1 – Hakone

In November, I finally got to go on my dream trip – 2 weeks in Japan!  At the time I was going, a good friend of mine who I met in Australia when I was on a summer internship was now living back in Tokyo, and my best friend Jason was teaching abroad for two years… read more »