We Loove New York, Part 7!

Are you getting tired of the New York entries? We’re reaching the end, I promise! Every child’s fantasy! Matt was intrigued by the amazing LOTR collector’s items Separated at birth. An.. an entire room of Harry Potter! I didn’t know that stuffed frogs were considered a Quality Quidditch Supply, however! We’re PC People (no offense… read more »

We Looove New York, Part 6!

This is a quickie post from an exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. Being gigantic nerds, that place was pretty much our mecca. There was a live butterfly exhibit in a small enclosed area. The interior of the butterfly room was roughly 400 degrees and 200% humidity. It made me homesick.. just like the… read more »

We Looove New York, Part 5!

The next day we took a (slightly questionable) subway ride to The Bronx to visit the zoo. It was the third day of the off-season and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Some of the exhibits had been closed off or “winterized” but there was still a lot to see. I don’t have… read more »

We Looove New York, Part 4!

The next morning, we set out on a self-guided walking tour of SoHo and Greenwich Village. I could live there. Yep. My very own 3 story brownstone, fully restored and remodeled. Can I borrow 5 million? I fell in love with quaint corner coffee shops, book stores, and interesting little boutiques. It was then that… read more »

We Looove New York, Part 3!

Some photos from Times Square (Except the first one), where we stayed on 41st Street at, gee golly whiz, a place called Hotel 41! Target had a very impressive marketing campaign all over Times Square. Each giant billboard depicted one of the 12 Days of Christmas. A serious wad of cash was spent on these… read more »

We Looove New York, Part 2!

Looking through the bars toward Jersey City It has been on my Bucket List for years to visit NYC at the peak of the fall color. Mission accomplished. I’ll stop with the building shots soon, I promise. Maybe.. In our jeans and tennis shoes, we felt very out of place wandering around the financial district.… read more »

We loooove New York!

I know, I know. We went on our NYC vacation back in November, and I’m just now getting around to editing some of the 6 gillion photos that we took. Out of concern for your ISP, I will obviously only be sharing a small fraction of the shots that we took.. but it will still… read more »

NYC Pics of the Day

It’s always been a dream of mine to visit Rockefeller Center near the holidays and watch the ice skaters. We walked over from our hotel at night and it was just as magical as I’d expected! This is Jefferson Market Courthouse in Greenwich Village – voted 5th most beautiful building in the country. I wanted… read more »

NYC – Day 2 POTD

We took a gillion photos today, and it was nearly impossible to narrow it down to just one or two to share with everyone tonight. We have completely fallen in love with this city, and have decided that if we ever win the lottery, we’re moving to a 5th Avenue penthouse. :-) This first photo… read more »