Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | Towel Animals!


Part of the fun of cruising is returning to your room each night to find a cute little critter waiting on you – made entirely out of folded towels! On the first night, this was what we found in our room when we got back from the late show in the Walt Disney Theater.  At… read more »

Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | A Peek At Cozumel


Ahh… Cozumel, Mexico.  A little island off of the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, this is a beautiful natural area packed full of nature, history, and fun! In case you missed our other Cozumel post, you will definitely want to click right here to see the fun underwater snorkeling photos that Matt took on… read more »

Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | Pirate Night at Enchanted Garden


(side note: Today is mine and Matt’s 8th wedding anniversary!!  Can you believe it? I sure can’t!) While sailing in the Caribbean you gotta have a little pirate fun, and Disney does it up right with an entire pirate-themed evening! Swashbuckling pirate fare replaces the usual rotational dining room menu selections, and once you’ve stuffed… read more »

Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | Snorkeling in Cozumel!


PHOTO INFO:  All photos on this page were taken with the Canon D20 underwater digital camera.   Unfortunately, near the end of our trip, the microphone stopped working when using the camera for video.  A few months later, when we loaned the camera to our friends to take on their own Disney cruise, it died… read more »

Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | Animator’s Palate Animation Magic!


Our second night at Animator’s Palate delivered a brand new menu, as well as a few surprises! I’m re-posting a couple of the interior shots of the restaurant for those that may have missed the first post.  If you want to read about our first night here, then click right here!  We sat down at… read more »

Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | Costa Maya


Because our Grand Cayman port was cancelled, we got into Costa Maya a half a day early, giving us a full dayBefore we were free to disembark, we headed up to Satellite Falls to take photos from the upper deck and chill for a bit! Costa Maya is a teeny tiny little port, surrounded by… read more »

Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | Dinner at Royal Court


Your surroundings get just a lil fancier in the Royal Court, which is located on Deck 3, right off of the main atrium of the ship. I started off with the Iced Lobster & Jumbo Shrimp – White and Green Asparagus, Micro Greens, and Lemon-Dill dressing with Horseradish Cream Matt had the Double Baked Spinach and… read more »

Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | The Port That Wasn’t


We woke up the morning of our Grand Cayman port to a nice view, even though the weather was still looking a little iffy. We got dressed, grabbed our bags, and waited for the announcement that the tender boats were ready to start ferrying people to the mainland.  That announcement came, but it was quite different than… read more »

Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | Dinner at Enchanted Garden


Throughout the rough day at sea, my dad spent most of the afternoon napping, and 5 of us were able to make it to dinner.  Matt’s mom was still feeling a little woozy, so she opted to sit out the dinner and stayed in the room resting. Several of us started with the Spinach and Raspberry… read more »