Christmas in September

It’s September, and because I’m pouting about the fact that it is supposed to be 98 degrees today, I’m going to talk about Christmas.

Yes, Christmas.  In September.  I know, I’m worse than the stores that start selling Halloween decorations in July.

I admit, I’m already thinking about my holiday plans this year.  I love to make handmade gifts, and I’m putting together lists of some things I want to try this year.  No worries, I’ll share some of my projects and gift ideas!  We still have over 3 months to go, but every year the darn thing sneaks up on me and I’m left feeling scrambled to get everything finished.

For us, Christmases past have consisted of…

1. Putting up a ton of Christmas lights, and hoping we don’t fall off ladders and break our necks in the process.

2. Building a gingerbread house out of one of those store bought kits.

3. Enjoying a quiet Christmas alone when all family gatherings ended up happening before or after the day itself.

4. Lots of baking.. with lots of butter. It’s just something you have to do.

5. Subjecting our dogs to embarrassing photo shoots.

6. Subjecting our family to the same torture.


I went digging through my hard drive and uncovered these photos from last Christmas that I never got around to sharing.

Our Christmas Morning tradition.  If we don’t cap off our year with a huge naughty stack of chocolate chip pancakes, bad things will happen.  I’m sure of it.

Last Christmas was our first with Mr. Dewey Man.  He got to experience the joy of having one day of eating wrapping paper and being allowed on the furniture in the living room.

Dexter just knows that pretty-wrapped boxes mean that something good is inside.  He wasted no time claiming them and standing guard until the time came to reveal the treasures within.

Dewey’s permanent pitiful face could melt the iciest of hearts.

Of course, the boys get their own stocking full of wrapped goodies, which they get to open themselves.  As always, there is a bit of sibling rivalry when toys are involved, made evident by Dexter’s raspberry gremlin face!

Just like with a toddler, we have to reassure Dex that there are plenty of toys and rawhide for both of them.

But I admit, it’s funny as heck to let them play tug of war trying to open the same gift at the same time.

The stocking itself became a point of interest, but we had to keep it just out of reach.  It’s too cute to let them rip it apart!

Who else out there is ready for this sweltering weather to be gone for good?  Am I the only crazy one who has begun thinking of Christmas plans?  What are some of your holiday traditions?


  1. says

    Christmas IS a great time. I like wearing the big cable knit sweaters and that Apple cinnamon smell prevailing everywhere. Good time to start checking goodies off the “to-buy” llist!

  2. Remington says

    We REALLY, REALLY need to find a tradition. Our Christmas day consists of running amok to visit all our families in ONE day. Leaving approximately 20 minutes of “us” time in the morning before we shower and head out for the day. We love seeing all our family, but Christmas day is so incredibly stressful for us because every one wants as much time with us as possible. Last year, we just went out of town to avoid it all (I know my Mom’s probably reading this, so know that it’s nothing personal)
    For the most part, we get up super early, enjoy our cup of joe and unwrap our stuff and then go get ready for the day. When we get home at the end of the day, we are EXHAUSTED and pretty much collapse into bed…if we even make it that far. 

    • says

      Man, I know how that is. We’ve more or less made it a tradition to save the actual day just for ourselves, just to avoid the stress of bouncing around. We try to see both sides of the family sometime between December – January, and that’s close enough to a “Christmas celebration” for us!

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