Cool Kitchen Gadgets You May (or may not) Need

Heaven knows I don’t need any more kitchen stuff, but occasionally I find myself peeking around Pinterest boards and websites and drooling over all of the fun culinary gadgets that exist.  Some are completely silly, some are just fun or hilarious, but some are really useful!

Yesterday, I found myself yet again browsing around and window shopping, so I thought I’d share some of the ones that caught my eye.



Cuisipro Scoop and Stack Ice Cream Scoop – Isn’t this unusual?  I’m a sucker for new ways to help me serve food and make it pretty without a lot of effort.  The description for this scoop claims that it can slice through even the coldest and hardest of ice cream, and it creates these unique little cylindrical stacks.  This would  be a really interesting way to serve ice cream at parties.


Marshmallow Tree Fork – I know, I know, a sharpened stick that you find in the woods works just as well, but this thing is just hilarious.  It can roast up to 10 marshmallows at once, and would definitely get some laughs around a campfire.  Maybe for large family camp-outs or scout trips full of s’mores lovers?


Fred and Friends Mister Tea Infuser – Matt and I have been drinking a lot more loose tea lately, and I’m slowly discovering the world of cute tea infusers.  This little guy looks like he’s chilling out in a nice relaxing hot tub while he steeps your tea.  Adorable.


The Dipr – The Ultimate Cookie Spoon – Again, this is one of those products that you don’t actually need, but would still be fun to use – especially with kids!  The end of the spoon holds onto the frosting part of your Oreo cookies, allowing you to be able to dunk the whole thing without worrying about dropping it into the bottom of your milk.  Though that’s not always such a bad thing – we always remember that layer of gooey chocolate cookieness at the bottom that you dug into with a spoon, right?


Oven Rack Guards – I would use the heck out of these.  I’m always nervous using several racks of my oven at once because it is so easy to burn your wrists and forearms!  I find I waste a lot of heat by leaving the door open longer while I carefully and slowly navigate the space between the racks on the oven.  This would solve that problem nicely.


Soup And Sandwich Ceramic Tray Duo – Genius.  Idea.  We make several dinners where this puppy would come in handy.  Vegetable soup and cornbread, chicken salad with wheat crackers on the side, oatmeal with eggs on the side, or as shown in the picture, the delicious duo of tomato soup and grilled cheese.  When we make a meal like this, there’s typically a conversation in the kitchen about who gets to stuff what items in their pockets (forks, cell phones, napkins) and how many free hands we both have to be able to transport all of the separate dishes to wherever in the house we’re eating, all in one trip.  Problem solved!



Spirelli Spiral Cutter – At first, I thought this was just some unnecessarily fancy julienne peeler, but after reading the description, I realized the point of it is to make noodles out of vegetables!  This would be awesome for stir fry dishes, veggie pasta, or for making pretty, swirly garnishes.


For all my fellow pinners – if you want to keep this list around to browse later, here’s a handy dandy image you can pin to your boards:



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