Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | A Peek At Cozumel

Ahh… Cozumel, Mexico.  A little island off of the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, this is a beautiful natural area packed full of nature, history, and fun!

In case you missed our other Cozumel post, you will definitely want to click right here to see the fun underwater snorkeling photos that Matt took on their excursion!

For the rest of you that are all caught up… on with the show!

Disney Fantasy ship docked at Cozumel I hung out with my parents and Matt’s mom during the day, and we explored the port area and did some shopping!

street view in cozumel

a typical street scene in Cozumel It was a beautiful day!

souvenir shop in CozumelThe shopping is what you’d expect from a typical cruise port.. lots of colorful souvenir shops with endless knicks and knacks.

purses and hats for sale in cozumel

tower and palm trees in cozumel

shopping in cozumel The shopping area at the port takes on a more ‘traditional’ mall appearance, but don’t be fooled.. the street hawkers are in fine form!

donkeys and chili peppers in cozumel

los cinco soles shopping in cozumel

english spanish signs in cozumelI learned a new Spanish word… Taxi!

Sorry, I know that wasn’t funny.

What is funny is that all of those words are similar in both Spanish and English, yet “parking” translates to “estacionamiento”

I’m easily amused.

street vendor in cozumelThis picture makes me laugh so hard.. the expression on my dad’s face as my mom is woo’d by a shop vendor.  My dad knows his bank account is in trouble!

plaza la fiesta in cozumel

mexican bazaar in cozumel

plaza la fiesta in cozumel

starbucks in cozumel I know.. why the heck would we go to Starbucks when we’re in Mexico?  Well, one little sign on the door pulled us in… FREE WI FI!  We had to stop in, get a caffeine fix, and check in on all of our people (2 and 4 legged varieties) back home.

water view in cozumel

disney fantasy ship docked at cozumel  I will never get over the color of the water in the Caribbean!

street view in cozumel

rocky waterfront in cozumel

color of the water in cozumel

family photo in cozumelStopping for a few family photos before heading back to the ship.

erin browne in cozumel

family photo in cozumel

diane browne in cozumel

oceanfront shops in cozumelSo many colors!  We were so ready for a gorgeous day after all of the clouds and rain on this trip!

colorful water in cozumel

disney fantasy sign on the ship

sunny day in cozumel

overhead view of pier in cozumelWhen we got back to the ship, we met up with Matt and his dad who were nice and pink from their fun morning in the water and sunshine.

adult pool deck on the disney fantasyWe quickly made a beeline for the Adults Only pool decks (do not pass Go, do not collect $200, etc etc…) and schmoozed there until dinnertime.

sunset cruise ship silhouette We noticed a Carnival cruise ship in the distance and realized it was going to travel right through the swatch of light on the water from the setting sun.

What To Do In Cozumel?

From shopping and schmoozing to snorkeling and sightseeing, there are lots of options for your day in Cozumel!  Head on over to Disney’s Cozumel Website for information on port excursions as well as a little more info about the island itself.

This is part of a blog series detailing our super fun family trip, a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy!  Click Here to see more posts!


  1. Kendra says

    Does the adult pool area on the Fantasy have two pools? Looks a little different than the Dream. DH and I are looking at this cruise for the fall!

    • Erin says

      Hey Kendra!  On Deck 11 (next to Cove Cafe) there is the same pool that you can find on the dream, the Quiet Cove pool.  There’s also a smaller pool on Deck 12 shown in the second to last photo in this post.  The main difference between the Dream and the Fantasy is the Satellite Falls area on Deck 13, which has another wading pool and LOTS of cushioned seating – adults only!  There’s a picture of it here: http://www.browniebites.net/disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya/ it’s my favorite part of the Fantasy!

      Hope you enjoy your cruise if you guys decide to book for the fall!

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