Family Reunion!

 Today we had a little family reunion with our friends Kara and Remington and their dog, Dash!  Dash happens to be Dewey’s littermate, and it was so much fun to see their similarities and differences.  We met at a local dog park and let all 3 of the furbrains go hog wild.

Sweet brothers!  Dash is so much bigger than Dewey – I couldn’t believe it!  I mistook him for Dexter several times.  They do have very similar bone structures in their faces.  You can definitely see a family resemblance.

Dewey had a little trouble staying on his feet today.

You can just see the embarrassment on Dash’s face upon realizing his kin is so, um… “special”.

Dexter was in his heaven.  Sunshine, people, other dogs, filthy tennis balls, and the piece de resistance.. a dirty tongue.

Ah yeah.. DexterHeaven.

A classic shot of the trio.  Dash with a stick, Dex with a ball, and Dewey with… an 8-inch tongue.

It was an uncommonly warm day, and the dogs decided to have a little romp in the park’s streams.  Apparently, Dash and Dewey share a love for muddy water.  Mmmm.

My charming boy. 

Dash is keeping an eye on Dexter’s B-A-L-L.  Dewey is.. well, being special again, apparently.

All three of the boys got absolutely filthy.  They had a blast.  After being tossed directly into the bathtub when we got home, they slept peacefully for the rest of the afternoon, soft, clean, and sweet-smelling.  Mellow Dogs to the max.

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  1. Love it! Our “mellow dog” is asleep on Mommy

  2. Oh, and the shot of Dewey’s mid-wipe-out is hysterical!

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