Kitties – Before and After

Our dogs have a monopoly on the spotlight in our household, but we love our kitties too.  I was going through some old e-mails in an attempt to clear out some space (thank you, gmail, for increasing the limit to 10GB!) and found some baby photos I thought I would share!

Pictures of adorable kittens
This here is Ham, somewhere in early 2005.  He was the cutest little floofball you ever did see.  We found him through a listing in the newspaper (newspaper.. do those still exist?) and he is 1/2 persian, 1/2 random barn cat.


Here he is all grow’d up.  Still a handsome devil!

Pictures of adorable kittens
We got Punkin in late 2005, and I couldn’t limit myself to just one of his baby photos.  He was such a cute little brat!  When we brought him home, Ham hated him.  It was a chorus of hisses and growls in our condo.. for precisely 2 days.  On the third day, I turned around at my desk to find this.  They have been best friends ever since.

Pictures of adorable kittens
So protective.

Pictures of adorable kittens
We never could explain what made Ham go from absolute hatred to absolute infatuation in just 2 days.. but he was crazy about his lil orange man.

.. and here’s Mister Orange Man now.  He may be a clumsy oaf with chronic rhinitis (you don’t want your cat to have this.. ugh.. my poor house) but he’s a sweet lil guy.


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    Oh oh ohhhh, these boys are just the most handsome and adorable and sweet and cute little manly cats!!

    I loved the pictures! Thanks for sharing

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