Neptune’s Palace on Pier 39 – San Francisco, CA

Our most recent California trip is going to be posted all kinds of out of order, so bear with me!

After a fabulous few days with Matt’s family in Orange County, we rented a car and drove up the GORGEOUS Pacific Coast Highway to the San Mateo/San Francisco area to spend the last full day of our trip with our buddy Jason – Matt’s bestest bestie in the whole wide world.

While wandering around Fisherman’s Wharf, we were in search of lunch and landed at Neptune’s Palace on Pier 39.  While looking up the menu for this place to correctly name the dishes we ordered, I was shocked to find a plethora of bad reviews.  I guess we picked a good day to visit this particular establishment, because I didn’t have a problem with the food here.  Tasted pretty good to me!

Neptune's Palace restaurant on Pier 39 in San Francisco California

Neptune's Palace restaurant on Pier 39 in San Francisco California
Our table was next to a span of large windows that had a killer view of Alcatraz, which was our next stop.  Stay tuned to a future blog post for a full report!

Neptune's Palace restaurant on Pier 39 in San Francisco California
We all started out with a cup of clam chowder.   Ya gotta order the clam chowder at a seafood restaurant.

You just do.  Trust me on that.

Neptune's Palace restaurant on Pier 39 in San Francisco California
Jason and I ordered crab-crusted seared swordfish with wilted spinach and garlic mashed potatoes.   I always think piped potatoes look so pretty on a plate, but I’m far too lazy to do that kind of thing at home.  Maybe one day.

Maybe not.


Neptune's Palace restaurant on Pier 39 in San Francisco California
Matt ordered rare sesame-crusted ahi with shiitake mushroom risotto.  So colorful!

Silly lil story during our lunch (sorry Jason – I have to tell it):

Jason: Do you guys hear that?

Me: No?

Matt: Hear what?

Jason: That sound.. it sort of sounds like a camera taking a picture.  Looks suspiciously at my camera sitting on the table.

Me: My camera’s off, so that can’t be it!

Jason: Seriously.. it sounds like something taking pictures. Glances around the restaurant.

Matt: …anyway, as I was saying, I’m going to start training for a..

Jason: There it is again!!

Me: Maybe someone is..

Jason: There! Again!  Do you hear it? I know I’m not crazy..

Me: Look at the top of my camera.  It’s blank.  See the switch? It’s off.


Me: Alright, I’m gonna put the camera under my chair.  Tell me if the sound is farther away.  I shove my camera under the chair.

Jason shifts in his own chair.

Jason: There we go.  Again. Same volume.

Matt: Dude, you are hearing things.  Seriously.

Jason shifts again.

Jason: THERE.

Me: Nope.

Matt: Nada.

Jason twists to look behind him.

Jason: Again!

Me: Not a thing.

Jason: Uh.. wait..  He rummages in his pocket and pulls out his cell phone.

Jason: …I think I figured it out.

Upon close examination of the photo gallery on the phone, we  found about 20 blank photos.  Apparently, butt-shooting is the new butt-dialing.  And thankfully, Jason was able to hold onto his sanity that afternoon.

.. if he ever had it to begin with (but he knows we love him so I’m allowed to say that).


  1. Remi says

    Seems the only people who post reviews these days are the ones who hate. Haters gonna hate. 

    I take negative reviews with a grain of salt. Unless it’s from a friend or relative whose judgment I respect. 

    Wait…whose…who’s….BAH! Engrish!

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