Opinions: Bakery on Main Truebar Review and GIVEAWAY!


This week, we gave a test run to Truebars by Bakery on Main.  The first thing that caught my eye about these healthy nutrition bars was the cute branding.  “I’m a _________ bar with nothing to hide!”  They really back up that claim, too.  The bars are verified non-GMO, certified gluten free and Kosher Parve.  They’re also low sodium with no trans fats or cholesterol.

Something unique about these bars is that they are all packed full of Chia seeds.  Chia seeds are the richest plant source of Omega-3 – even more than salmon!  They also added an extra, pleasant crunch that I enjoyed.

They come in lots of fun flavors in brightly-colored packaging, so let’s take a peek!


Oooh… apricot almond  chai?  Sign me up.


Here’s the nutritional info, so you can take a peek at the fat, calories, carbohydrates, and everything else!


I love the big chunky almond pieces  and all of the different consistencies going on in this bar.  It’s soft and easy to bite into and chew, without being too fall aparty.

Fall aparty is an actual phrase, I promise.  Just work with me here.


This bar was a Chai lover’s heaven.  I was not disappointed when I bit into this one and was instantly in love.  The classic combination of cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves is on full display here, and the strong flavor of the dried apricot is a perfect complement without being too overpowering.  This one was my favorite and I can’t wait to buy more, it was flavorpalooza and is just plain amazing.

Truebar – Apricot Almond ChaiWhere to buy


Coconut cashew was next, and my hopes were sky high just from reading the label, because I LOVE coconut and I LOVE cashews!



Just look at all that shredded coconut and big cashew pieces.  Get in my face, please.


As I suspected, I was a big ole fan of this flavor.  It has a great mouthfeel – soft but not too soft.  Chewy, but not too chewy.  Crunchy, but not too crunchy.  Know what I mean?  The texture of the shredded coconut is at the forefront.  I know some people out there either love and hate coconut, so if ya love it (like me) you’re sure to like this one.  I was surprised by the generous size of the cashew pieces.  Usually when you put anything fancier than a plain ole peanut into a bar, all you get are tiny little bits.  Not the case here, the cashews are nice and big!

Truebar Coconut Cashew –  Where to buy


Fruit and nuts!  There are many kinds of fruit and many kinds of nuts that could make it in here, so I flipped over the package to take a peek at what we’re dealing with here.


Hmm… looks like we have almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, and pecans going on in the nut family, and dried cranberries and raisins going on in the fruit family – there are also bits of pumpkin seeds in this one, and of course, the Chia seeds as well.


Lots of color going on in this one!  It’s purdy.


Another winner here.  Totally fruity and fresh flavor.  Sometimes the  fruity nutrition bars will fall victim to a chemical aftertaste or other weird notes that hit you after you’ve swallowed, but there was none of that here.  The raisins and cranberries are a lovely combo, of course, and there’s lots of flavor variations going on with the nut mixture, though almonds are certainly the main player, as you can tell just by looking at the picture.  The structure of this one was a bit stickier than the coconut cashew, but not as soft as the apricot almond chai.  It holds its shape well.

Truebar Fruit & NutWhere to buy


Hazelnut, chocolate, and cherries… I see no problem with this.



First thing I noticed here was, again, big ole honkin’ chunks of hazelnuts.  Thank you, Truebar, for not skimping on your nuts.  Also for not skimping on the chocolate chips – there’s a generous amount of those puppies as well!


The chocolate used here is, of course, dark – it pretty much has to be when you’re pairing it with cherry, right?  The two go together like a wink and a smile, like The Doctor and his companion, like red on a rose, like my butt and a couch…

… sorry, got a little carried away there.  Where was I?  Ah yes.  This bar is one of the softest of the bunch – it was really bendy when trying to remove it from the package to get a photograph before shoving it into my face.  I liked the flavor combos going on here.  It’s a smart joining of the dark chocolate with cherry, topped off with the mild nuttiness of the hazelnuts.

Truebar Hazelnut Chocolate Cherry – Where to buy


Raspberry chocolate almond!  Look… the wrapping is pink.  That makes me happy.



Like the other nutty varities, this one also boasts bountiful chocolate chips and big ole almond nuggets.


I found this one to be the chewiest out of them all.  The combination of the fruit, nuts, and chocolate is pleasing, though overall this one wasn’t for me.  I prefer the cherry and apricot found in the other flavors.

Truebar Raspberry Chocolate AlmondWhere to buy


I’m delighted by the fun flavors in this collection.  I mean, walnut cappuccino?  Shut the front door.



When I opened up the package, the first thing that hit me was the powerful, enticing aroma.  I really couldn’t wait to dig in.  One major drawback of being a food blogger – you have to wait until your food is thoroughly photographed before you can take a bite!


This one had one of the best textures of the bunch – sturdy like the coconut cashew, but a bit softer because there’s no coconut in this one.  The Chia seeds get a little turn in the spotlight here, and I felt like their crunchiness rounded out the consistency.  You get a wonderful flavor balance with a tiny hit of cinnamon hitting you right at the end.  With its slightly higher fat content and calories, it’s sure to keep you satisfied throughout the long afternoon gap before dinner, and this one will be a repeat buy for sure!

Truebar Walnut CappuccinoWhere to buy



I’ve tempted your taste buds with all of these, so here’s a chance to try them for yourself!  Bakery on Main is giving away one sleeve of 12 Truebars in the flavor of the winner’s choice!

The giveaway will run until 11:59pm on Friday, February 7th

Here’s how to enter:
(note: we do check that the indicated social media outlet has been followed should the winning entry land on that comment – so make sure that you’ve followed to be eligible for your win, otherwise we’ll have to pick a second winner!)

1.  Leave a comment on this post and tell us which of these flavors you would like if you win!

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  1. April Harmon Lane says

    1. Leave a comment on this post and tell us which of these flavors you would like if you win! The coconut cashew sounds wonderful!

  2. says

    The raspberry chocolate almond bar is unbelievable. . .I bought them for my son at college but I don't think there is going to be any left for him; hope he doesn't see this post!

  3. Joanne Lougen Cleary says

    Just tried one of your products for the first time (Nutty Cranberry Maple Granola) and became an instant fan! Can wait to try more products!

  4. Amber G. says

    While they all sound delisious, I think I would like the Truebar Coconut Cashew the beat!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. Amy Guillaume Linderman says

    mmmmmm i was just talking about chia sees and cashews today would love to try the coconut cashew flavor!

  6. Todd Bliss says

    I would like the chocolate cherry almond if i win but would like any flavor you sent
    I love these bars for snacks

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