Opinions: Honey Stinger Bars Review

honey-stinger-energy-bar-reviewI’ve never tried Honey Stinger products before, but after working my way through the samples they provided us to share with all of you, I was an instant fan.  Honey Stinger is a company steeped in family history and they provide honey-based energy foods made with natural and healthy ingredients.  They even sell their own organic honey!

Let’s take a look and see what we got:

honey-stinger-energy-bar-review-blueberry-buzz-01 First up is a member of the Honey Stinger energy bar line – Blueberry Buzz.  I got a giggle out of the fact that the colors in the bar blended in nicely with my kitchen counter!



honey-stinger-energy-bar-review-blueberry-buzz-02  This bar has a great crispy texture and is packed with real dried blueberries and almond pieces.  The flavor is really strong and punchy, with the honey coming through more than anything else.  The package states that the bar contains over 30% honey, and they mean it!

honey-stinger-energy-bar-review-blueberry-buzz-03 As a hiker, I appreciated that the bar didn’t have a full yogurt or chocolate coating, so there’s less to melt in your pocket when eating these on the go.  The texture was crispy and chunky but it stayed together while eating, instead of being messy and crumbly.  Big plus!  Overall, I’ll totally buy this one again – it’s pretty amazing.

Honey Stinger Blueberry Buzz Energy Bar – five-star 5 out of 5  (Buy this flavor)

honey-stinger-energy-bar-review-dark-chocolate-mocha-cherry  Officially part of the protein bar line of Honey Stinger products, Dark Chocolate Mocha Cherry is unique in that it is currently the only flavor that is caffeinated, giving you a little zip as well some extra protein.  Here’s the nutrition label for full info:


honey-stinger-energy-bar-review-dark-chocolate-mocha-cherry-02 Again, the honey flavor is the main player here, and I love it.  There’s actual chunks of dried cherries, and the dark chocolate coating is nice and bitter, which is a nice compliment to the sweetness of the rest of it.  One of the best tasting protein bars I’ve ever had.  Matt also loved this one, and he’s a pretty hard sell, so that’s impressive!

Honey Stinger Dark Chocolate Mocha Cherry Protein Bar – five-star 5 out of 5 (Buy this flavor)


Overall Impressions:  These bars completely won me over.  I eat honey almost every day, and I’ve never before had an energy bar with such a strong, fresh honey flavor.  The dried fruits and nut pieces were perfect.  I pored over what I could say about these bars that needed to be improved upon, but I honestly don’t have a single complaint.  I can’t wait to hunt down the other flavors and try them.  They are awesome!!

Find Out More:  Visit the main Honey Stinger website, or you can follow them on Facebook by clicking right here!

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    Hey – any suggestions on where to buy these and some of the other bars you guys have been reviewing? Locally or over the internet? I would love to give these and the Quest bars a try!

    • says

      You can get them from Amazon or GNC online, or you can go directly to their website and order them there.  I haven’t checked our local GNC though, so they might have them too!

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      Hah! Totally see now that you linked to Amazon…
      Any thoughts on buying locally though? Do you know if they are available in any grocery stores or possibly Eddie’s Health Shoppe?

      • says

        I don’t think the chain grocers have Quest or Honey Stinger, but I haven’t checked places like EarthFare, etc.  Could shoot Eddie and email and see if they stock them – they had a pretty great selection when I was there, but I wasn’t specifically looking for those brands at the time!

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