Opinions: OhYeah! Nutrition Protein Bars Review

Recently, when we reviewed OhYeah! Victory Bars we were also able to try some sample sizes of their regular high protein bars.

Nutrition Info:  We tried little baby sizes of these bars, but the ones available to buy come in two sizes, a big ole 85g bar and a half size “Good Grab” bar.  For the full-size bar, you can expect around 330-380 calories, 14-19 grams of fat, 26-30 grams of protein, and 12-15 net carbs.

review-of-oh-yeah-chocolate-caramel-protein-bars-01 We tore into the Chocolate & Caramel one first, because… seriously.  What I immediately noticed was the chunky peanutty appearance of the outside.  It doesn’t ‘look’ like a nutrition bar, and you know I’m all about fooling myself into thinking that I can eat candy bars and still fit into my skinny jeans.

Have you noticed how the definition of “skinny jeans” has changed over the years?  Growing up, I always used the name to describe jeans that can only be worn comfortably when at my ideal (or low) weight.  Now, obviously, that phrase is more often used to describe those teeny lil pairs of jeans that hug (in an unforgiving manner, mind you) absolutely every nook and cranny of your lower body, right on down to the ankles.  I’ll say one thing, you will never see these thighs squeezed into a pair of those things.

What was I talking about?  Oh yeah, OhYeah! Chocolate & Caramel protein bar.  Ahem….

Kind of looks like a Snickers bar, no?  That’s the first thing I thought when I broke this one open.  I always appreciate when bars include big peanut chunks instead of crushing them into powder, so these had a nice crunch to them.  The taste reminded me of a Snickers as well, though much less sweet, which was actually a good thing!  There is a nougat center surrounded by peanuts in caramel, and then the whole thing is coated with chocolate.  I’m a fan.

OhYeah! Chocolate & Caramel Protein Barfour-half-star 4.5 out of 5 (Buy this flavor)

Next up is Peanut Butter Crunch, and obviously, I dig the appearance of this one as well.  Are those… are those Reese’s?

review-of-oh-yeah-peanut-butter-crunch-protein-bars-02 The inside has a similar nougat core surrounded by big peanut pieces and little coated peanut butter candies (similar to Reese’s, but not Reese’s).  Because the appearance was pretty droolworthy, I admit I expected a lot more out of the flavor.  It was fantastic as a protein bar, but the nougat in the center was relatively bland.  I’m not sure if it is the same nougat used in the Chocolate & Caramel flavor, but it just didn’t seem to work here.  If there was a different or more flavorful center, then this one would have been a slam dunk, because the peanut buttery coating that holds the peanuts and peanut butter candy pieces is fantastic!

OhYeah! Peanut Butter Crunch – four-star 4 out of 5 (Buy this flavor)


Overall Impressions: These bars hit a home run in terms of texture – they don’t have that telltale ‘protein bar’ mouthfeel (ugh, did I really just use a foodie term like that?).  My favorite of the two that we tried was Chocolate & Caramel,  but the only differentiating factor as far as my preference goes was the difference in taste of the nougat center.

Find out More: Be sure to visit OhYeah! Nutrition’s Facebook page as well as their main website  for more information on their products.  They even have their own line of protein powder!  Also, if you’re looking for a place to buy OhYeah! products, are available on Amazon (and we know we love that free shipping for Prime members!)

Disclosure:  We’re dedicated to honest, unbiased reviews.  View our product review information right here!

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