Reads: Here I Go Again by Jen Lancaster


Jen Lancaster’s Here I Go Again is a book you want to grab if you’re having a jones for some light, easy reading.  In this story, Mean Girls meets The Butterfly Effect when teen princess Lissy Ryder finds herself knocked off of her high school thrown and gets hit square in the face with some cold hard reality.  First, she loses her job after one too many long lunches spent shopping or in the gym maintaining her perfect figure.  Next, her high school sweetheart of a husband leaves her, causing her to move back in with her parents.

After months spent spiraling into a depression, medicated only with copious amounts of sugar and carbs, a less-than-perfect Lissy faces her 20 year high school reunion, where she realizes the lingering effects of her cruel treatment of her classmates, even two decades later.  Lissy is desperate to set things right, but how can one change the past?

My advice to anyone reading this book is to not take it too seriously.  Sure, it has its flaws, and one too many blatant pop culture references for my taste, but it’s a cute story and a fast read.  Lissy and her mother will no doubt get under your skin – I caught myself rolling my eyes on more than one occasion – and it’s difficult to decide if you want things to work out in the end, or if you want Lissy to totally crash and burn.  Actually, even after reading the book, I’m still not so sure of the answer to that question.

Any fans of the “chick lit” genre (I admit, I’ve read more than my fair share) will find this an entertaining book.   Let me know what you think!

I reviewed this book as part of the Blog Her Book Club.  Click the link to read more about this book and the author.  As always, all views and opinions expressed are my own.


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