Review of Deepak Chopra’s Leela – win a Wii console!

I tried a video game for the Wii console this weekend: Deepak Chopra’s Leela.

Actually, calling this a game is a bit of a stretch. Leela is relaxation and meditation software based on the ancient system of the seven Chakras, or understanding how energy flows through your body and mind. Each Chakra corresponds to a specific part of the body, mind, or spirit-the lower belly, the naval, the heart, the throat, the third eye, the crown, and the root. Deepak Chopra's Leela for the Wii Gaming Console
Photo taken with iPhone 4s

During game play, you are asked to use the Wii remote, held horizontally with both hands, to complete movements and tasks based on each of the Chakras. The movements are simple, the visuals are colorful, and I really enjoyed the music that accompanied each level.

I’m all about immersing myself as much as possible when playing a game, as I use them as a form of escape, so I played this in the dark with the volume turned up. I highly recommend trying it that way. I admit, my competitive side got ahold of me when trying to complete the tasks for each level, and I had to remind myself that “beating the game” isn’t really the point of this experience. Once I stopped thinking about ‘winning’ and just enjoyed myself, I got a better idea of what Deepak Chopra is trying to accomplish with Leela.

Deepak Chopra's Leela for the Wii Gaming Console
Photo taken with iPhone 4s

As you complete each task, new levels are unlocked. At the beginning of each section, the Chakra you’re exploring is explained in detail. I knew very little about the seven Chakras, and these educational tidbits ended up being my favorite part of Leela.

The “Movement” levels for each Chakra mimic more of a traditional gameplay, but there is also a “Reflect” section which consists of seven unlockable levels per reflection group and focuses on meditation and awareness.

Leela is put together beautifully with its visuals and soundtrack. If you play it with the expectations of a typical video game, you’ll probably be disappointed, otherwise, sit back, enjoy something new, and appreciate it for what it is!


Now the fun part! A giveaway!

BlogHer and THQ are giving away one Wii Console and a copy of Leela to one of our lucky readers!

Here’s what you do: Leave a comment on this post and tell me your favorite ways to find balance and peace in your life. We all deal with a number of different stressors on any given day, so share your tips for staying centered (and staying sane – ha!)


Da Rules:

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You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:

a) Leave a comment telling me how you find balance and peace in your life

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d) For those with no Twitter or blog, read the official rules to learn about an alternate form of entry.

This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older.

Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail.

You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.

The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 11/11/2011 – 12/8/2011.

Be sure to visit the Promotions & Prizes page on where you can read other bloggers’ reviews and find more chances to win!


Oh, and one more thing.. check out the Leela Mandala Facebook App to create and customize your
own personal “mandala” – artwork that expresses an individual’s unique
essence and intentions.

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  1. I play guitar. I can get lost in a relaxing meditation while doing that!

  2. My husband keeps me grounded – Yoga helps too.

  3. I find peace and balance from keeping busy and moving forward with my life.

  4. I find peace in many random things, though my favorite is watching my toddler son sleep.

  5. I sit aside a half each day for myself to read and relax

  6. paige chandler says:

    Yoga and meditation keep me balanced. Zen.

  7. Jeni Lutz says:

    TI take a time out and take a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine

  8. LOIS PAYTON says:

    I fine peace with prayer and being with friends from my church, Talking to God always making you feel better, GOD BLESS AND KEEP YA’LL SAFE

  9. Amy Zachek says:
  10. Amy Zachek says:

    I find balance and peace by spending a lot of time in nature, working on self-introspective activities. It has changed my life!

  11. crystle tellerday says:


  12. jose benavides says:

    I ear very healthy by eating vegtables

  13. Theresa Jenkins says:
  14. Theresa Jenkins says:

    I think I do better under pressure…I seem to go into a funk when it’s all calm and sane around here

  15. I would LOVE to win this. I find peace and balance with hot baths and relaxation videos

  16. I remind myself what I have to be thankful for

  17. Matt Ferrell says:
  18. Matt Ferrell says:

    I relax with a movie. Or just surfing the web.

    animasou @ comcast . net

  19. Whenever I just sit down, zone out and spend time with my cats, I feel so at ease. The sounds of their purring is so soothing and lulls me into a peaceful state. Sounds silly, but it’s so true!

  20. Douglas Houston says:
  21. Douglas Houston says:

    To relax I like to lay down and listen to soothing music

  22. I find peace and balance by exercising.

  23. Amanda Sakovitz says:
  24. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    My favorite way to find peace and balance is to go for walks while listening to some 50s music.

  25. Brenda Gaines says:
  26. Brenda Gaines says:

    i like to lay in bed and think of other places i would rather be lol

  27. interesting game

  28. Nature!! We have some canyons nears us & love to go up and go hiking just to find some relaxation and get away from everything! It’s so peaceful and refreshing!!

  29. dog walking and meditation!

  30. My favorite would have to be relaxing in the bath with my favorite book. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  31. I find balance and peace of mind by taking a little time to relax in the hot tub before going to bed every night.

  32. I’m an energy coach so I have a few tools I use, but mostly, I find balance and peace though asking the right questions, being willing to hear the answers that come up, and letting go of whatever comes up. 

  33. Marcia Goss says:
  34. Marcia Goss says:

    I find peace and balance by going for a walk by myself.

  35. Sometimes just curling up with a great book and a mt dew just relaxes me 
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  36. I have a great husband, and he allows me to have my own time and space. He takes the boys out sometimes for the entire day and I find a lot of solace working in the peace of my garden during that time.

  37. Im still searching for a way to find peace and balance in my life. One thing that really makes me feel better and relaxed is to listen to my music. I put my ear buds in and push the rest of the world out so that it is just me, my thoughts, and my music!

  38. Tweeted!!/tatteredsoul77/status/139187923466727424

    luckycharm8103 at gmail dot com

  39. Bicycle riding and video games

  40. I like to go outside on a full moon to soak in some  positive lunar energy sitting on the ground, quietly reflecting. I also like to go out on a new moon to lie on a blanket and gaze at the stars :)

  41. I find peace by giving myself a “mommy time-out”, sitting in the middle of one of our garden areas, and deep breathing while enjoying the beauty of the plants surrounding me. If I am unable to have a time-out moment, I find balance with one or both of my children…laying face-to-face, holding hands, and looking into their eyes while quietly taking deep breaths and counting together, between each breath.

  42. I walk, preferably along the trails by my house, but in bad weather on my Treadmill (or I did until it died a horrible death last week)

  43. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    I enter sweepstakes to relax and also like to play video games and bejeweled
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  44. Susan Smith says:
  45. Susan Smith says:

    I find peace and balance in my life by reading and taking walks in the woods.

  46. Just got into Yoga. It really does help. Gosh this game sounds like heaven.

  47. I published a blog post about it!

    raised.alternative (at)

  48. I find balance and peace from listening to relaxing music and reading. It makes a TON of difference, and I can really find myself losing myself in the book. It helps!

    raised.alternative (at)

  49. communing with nature by taking a nice long walk in the woods

  50. taking a walk

  51. What a neat giveaway. Yoga is one MAJOR way I find peace and balance. Silence is the other way. I love quiet, still nights.

  52. Miguelina Salvador says:
  53. Miguelina Salvador says:

    I find balance and peace by taking 30min a day for me

  54. Janna Johnson says:

    taking time to be alone!
    Blogtacular contest! Thanks so much! Janna Johnson
    Janna@feedyourpig on GFC

  55. I find balance and peace escaping into a book. 

  56. Attending church services help me find balance and peace.

  57. I tweeted about this post!!/Lieut_Crunch/status/136583952357007360 (@Lieut_crunch)

  58. I found out about this giveaway through Prizey. This would make an amazing gift!

  59. I find balance and peace through art – going to a blank canvas with a clear mind and expressing my thoughts and emotions through the imagery I create really helps keep me centered and balanced.

  60. Monique Rizzo says:

    I take about 20 minutes of ME time each and every day to relax and breath deep.
    Thanks for the chance.

  61. Sarah Hirsch says:

    my favorite way to find peace and balance is to give my mind ‘quiet time’ without interruption, just to mellow out.

  62. Sometimes I lose my peace 10 times a day, so I guess I get a lot of practice finding it! Deep breaths are good. Five quiet minutes to myself can be a blessing. And always remembering that these frustrations are all fleeting and things will always get better is key. Thanks for offering this incredible giveaway! I’d love to try such a unique game!

  63. I find balance & peace by keeping my schedule not busy and exercising 4 days a week.

  64. Rebecca Graham says:
  65. Rebecca Graham says:

    I take a break and will read for a while or go on a walk.

  66. I find balance and peace in my life by waking up earlier than everyone so i have alone time.

  67. By finding time in my day, EVERY day, for alone time.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  68. Margaret Smith says:

    I tweeted:!/peg42/status/136184220392501248

  69. Margaret Smith says:

    My favorite is to go for a walk around our neighborhood. I really feel less stressed after a nice walk.
    Thanks so much.

  70. Adrienne gordon says:

    I meditate before bedtime.

  71. MaryAnn Jeffers says:

    Yoga and chocolate!

  72. Antonio Fernandes says:
  73. Antonio Fernandes says:

    I find peace and balance by having a few minutes alone

  74. What a fun giveaway.  :)  My secret to keep myself/ my life balanced and sane is to separate time for myself.  Might not be much, could be 15 minutes to an hour, depending how busy the day is.  Those are the time for me to think and plan…or just day dream the location of my next vacation, if I ever get one! Ha!  :)

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  75. Yoga has worked for me in the past! I think I need to start doing it or something like what you’ve described here–I’ve been awfully tense and crabby lately!
    Thanks also for a chance to win!kmassmanATgmailDOTcom

  76. I find peace and balance by not scheduling anything on Sunday and just enjoying the day :)

  77. Susan Smith says:
  78. Susan Smith says:

    I get up and hour earlier than everyone else so I can get myself ready, read emails and have a cup of coffee before I begin my day.

  79. I try to set aside some time each day to work in my journal, draw, or do something creative. That’s what relaxes me the most.

  80. Ashley Lopez says:

    I think the Leela program is an excellent idea, which I hope to try some day. Any assistance for me to gain balance and peace in my busy life is welcomed with open arms! Right now, when I need to regain focus and balance, I find myself sipping on coffee while enjoying a good book.

  81. I try to find balance in my life by taking time to let my mind & body relax through meditation.

  82. I read or take a short nap during the day helps me.

  83. I find balance in a variety of ways. Walking, knitting, yoga, pouncing on my cat and chasing my dog. But most of my peace is found on the couch next to my husband and business partner.

  84. I take time for myself in the morning before work.  I just turn all my thoughts inward and find it helps to center myself.

  85. I do yoga and have quiet time in the morning with my coffee and a good book.

  86. Andrea Gomes says:

    I find balance and peace by sitting and looking out the window with a warm cup of tea and my dog by my side. It helps spending some time by myself!!

  87. Jennifer Roden says:

    What a cool give-away!! I have a hard time finding peace and balance in my life, especially during this holiday season! I do try to take time for myself by going to the gym and getting in a few yoga sessions a week. I also try to get a massage once a month or so!!

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