Show Me Your… Desktop!

That’s right, folks, it’s time for our next Show Me Your contest!  We want to see your desktops!  Do you have a sneeze of folders, photos, and applications and spend hours locating what you want to open? Are you particular about keeping your icons categorized and neatly arranged? Or are you one of those weirdos who prefers no icons at all?

Here’s my desktop.  This is what it looks like most of the time.  I like to arrange my icons in loose “clusters” based on categories, like work apps, personal apps, work folders, etc.  I also like simple wallpaper with no more than a simple graphic in the center of the screen, otherwise I’ll go crazy, cut all of my hair off, and set the house on fire trying to locate my icons amidst the chaos.





A winner will be randomly selected to win two free movie tickets (Maximum $30 value) from!


Take a screenshot of your desktop and send it to  Along with your photo, please tell us your age and gender.  Please don’t send photos smaller than 800px.

Don’t know how to take a screenshot?  Well, I’ll help ya out!

1. Close all windows so that your desktop is visible
2. Press the Print Screen [PrtScn] key.
3. Open any image editing program (Microsoft Paint works just fine)
4. Go to the Edit menu and select Paste
5. Optional: crop extra space out of the image.
6. Save the image (no .BMP files please) and you’re DONE!

1. Close all applications so that your desktop is visible
2. To capture the entire desktop, press Command-Shift-3. The screen shot will be automatically saved on your desktop.


You will receive one additional entry in the drawing for each of the following that you complete.  When you submit your photo via e-mail, you must tell me which of these that you have completed to get the extra points.  They’ll be checked, so no cheating! Naughty naughty!

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Entries must be received by 8pm Eastern on Thursday, July 14th. The photos will be posted and a winner will be announced on July 15th!

So.. get to work! Send in those desktops! Go! Shoo! Scat! Vamanos!

Full disclosure:  The kind people at were gracious enough to offer a gift code for the winner of this contest. We received no additional compensation from Fandango or any other third party for this post.


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