Get Crafty: Make a Holiday Paper Wreath


This is a great holiday craft, and is relatively simple to do!  Using neutral colors, you can use this wreath for both Thanksgiving and Christmas decor.  Here’s how ya do it! Supplies: 26 pieces of 4″ x 4″ light brown scrapbooking paper 26 pieces of 3″ x 3″ ivory scrapbooking paper 26 pieces of 3″…

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Christmas in September


It’s September, and because I’m pouting about the fact that it is supposed to be 98 degrees today, I’m going to talk about Christmas. Yes, Christmas.  In September.  I know, I’m worse than the stores that start selling Halloween decorations in July. I admit, I’m already thinking about my holiday plans this year.  I love…

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Christmas – Hermit Style

Matt and I ended up completely alone for Christmas Eve and Day this year.  We made the best of it by whipping up a full blown holiday dinner (with a week’s worth of leftovers) and indulging in an embarrassing display of laziness.  Here’s a peek at our tree and general deco-goodness I’m cheating a bit…

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Look! We built a house!

.. a gingerbread house that is. One that’s made for 5 year olds, cause that’s about all we can handle.   Since we don’t have any little’uns, and do not plan on it for a long long long long long long time, we’ll continue doing crap like this to put a little fun back in…

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