What’s For Dinner – Sinful Sunday #5!


After hiking the Little Bottoms trail to Abrams Falls, we were ready for some serious Sinful Sunday action.  Fajitas!   I know, didn’t I just post a recipe for faux-jitas just a few days ago?  Well, that one is all healthy and good for you, and this one is uh… not. There’s not a whole… read more »

What’s For Dinner – Ground Turkey Fajitas


Ground Turkey Fajitas (Okay, so they are faux-jitas, but close enough, right?) I was desperate for some new healthy recipes to add to our weekday dinners.  A little googling brought me to this recipe from Cooks.com  I altered it just a bit and ended up with a flavorful meal with zero guilt!  The recipe below… read more »