Bunny butts, pointy ears, and a tennis ball.

Wow, holy blog hiatus! I was on a pretty good streak of daily blogging throughout the winter, but as we plowed forth into our (LAST) wedding season, work has taken priority over my lil ole blog here.  I’m only a few months away from having work all tied up, so hopefully the more frequent posts…

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Playing in da Sunshine

A few weeks ago, we babysat Dewey’s brother, Dash, for the weekend!  One sunny afternoon, Matt took everyone outside for some serious, serious fetch time.     Uh oh.. Did someone say.. Fetch?!? Corgi stampede! We’recomingwe’recomingwe’recoming! I do believe someone mentioned.. fetch? Round 1: Dexter!  Did I mention Dexter does not like to share? Trading…

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