We Looove New York, Part 3!

Some photos from Times Square (Except the first one), where we stayed on 41st Street at, gee golly whiz, a place called Hotel 41!

Target had a very impressive marketing campaign all over Times Square. Each giant billboard depicted one of the 12 Days of Christmas. A serious wad of cash was spent on these ads!

We were in NYC right in the middle of the World Series, which was being shown on large screens every night in TS. The pedestrian area was always packed with people watching the game together. The team spirit and energy in the air was electric!

The indoor ferris wheel inside of Toys R Us. Each car was completely different!

Our destination the following evening (amazing show!)

We left TS and made our way toward Rockefeller Center, just a short walk away.

Radio City was one of the few places with Christmas decor already in place. It made me happy.

Rockefeller Center. The tree wasn’t up yet, but the place was still as magical as I was expecting around the holidays. It was freezing cold outside, but we barely felt it. Everything felt so alive!

Inside the shops at Rockefeller, specifically a Swarovski Crystal, I found the idea to use clear beaded curtains as a room divider in the studio. Several of you asked me where we came up with that, and there you go! Of course, my beads are plastic instead of Swarovski, but who can tell, right? ;-) NYC is a very inspiring city!

Still more to come!


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    Wow! The colors are amazing is those pictures. I love NYC and will be going up for interviews next weekend. I wish I could capture the city like that…

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