We Looove New York, Part 4!

The next morning, we set out on a self-guided walking tour of SoHo and Greenwich Village.

I could live there. Yep. My very own 3 story brownstone, fully restored and remodeled.

Can I borrow 5 million?

I fell in love with quaint corner coffee shops, book stores, and interesting little boutiques.

It was then that I realized I’d spent about 13 hours in the last day and a half on my feet, and it was only 11am. I cursed myself for choosing impractical footwear.

Then I looked down and realized I was wearing tennis shoes.

Then I decided to shut up and stop complaining.

Washington Square

We headed north (Subway this time, my feets were screaming!) and had lunch at the beautiful Boathouse Restaurant in Central Park. We had a shoot scheduled to start just after lunch in the park, so it was a perfect time to sit and rejuvenate ourselves for another 5698 hours of walking and shooting.

Bethesda Fountain, while waiting for our shoot to begin!

Photos from the shoot will be featured on our other blog eventually, but we had a great time, and I don’t think there’s an area of the city we DIDN’T cover – including Brooklyn!

We ended the night with The Lion King, and I was eternally grateful that the theater was only a few blocks from our hotel.

At that point, I was just thankful that our evening activity involved doing nothing but sitting down. It was an amazing show!

Here’s a shot of us in front of the theater, from the point ‘n shoot.

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  1. Beautiful! I love the buildings!!

  2. Alexis Plunkett says:

    Amazing photos…it makes me realize just how much I love New York.

  3. Erin, More amazing pictures! I love Autumn, it’s my faveorite season, Autumn in New York looks beautiful…

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