We Looove New York, Part 5!

The next day we took a (slightly questionable) subway ride to The Bronx to visit the zoo. It was the third day of the off-season and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Some of the exhibits had been closed off or “winterized” but there was still a lot to see.

I don’t have to tell you that by this time, every step was absolute pain. While browsing the zoo’s website the night before, we both perked up at the mention of wheelchair rentals.

Too bad “out of shape” isn’t an acceptable reason to rent a wheelchair. Sigh.

The big kitty exhibits are always my favorite. I want to curl up with him (her?) and take a nap in the sun.

To bad he (she?) wouldn’t like that.

Aw, here’s another cuddly one. But I’ll pass on taking an ice nap.

The zoo was in the off season and nearly deserted except for a few school groups, but the fall color made for a serene setting.

This beautiful peacock was wandering around out in the open, and we were able to get within feet of it. Matt and I got into a very serious discussion on whether or not it’s the male or female peacocks that have the large tails.

I said that the short tails were female, he was certain they are male.

I was right. Ha ha. Ha ha ha. Too bad I can’t remember the stakes of our bet.

Giraffes are so graceful and serene.

Oh so cute. I can’t stand it.

We waited around for 20 minutes for this bald eagle to turn around, but he was having none of it.

It’s ok, buddy. I understand wanting a break in the off-season all too well.


A thousand points to whoever knows what I’m talking about.

Looking back, we didn’t take very many photos while there. We had to focus all of our remaining energy into keeping our feet moving.. none could be wasted on raising a camera to our faces!


  1. bl says

    Male peacocks have larger tails and the colored ones. Female peacocks have muted colors and do not have the fan-like tail. The peacock in the picture is in fact a male– you didn’t win your bet and the article you linked to further supports that you didn’t win your bet.

    Otherwise, nice pictures.

    • erin says

      Thanks for the comment! Actually, the bet was whether or not it is the males or the females that have the large tails. :-) You’re correct that the peacock in the photo is a male who has shed his tail for the year. :-)

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