We Loove New York, Part 7!

Are you getting tired of the New York entries? We’re reaching the end, I promise!

Every child’s fantasy!

Matt was intrigued by the amazing LOTR collector’s items

Separated at birth.

An.. an entire room of Harry Potter!  I didn’t know that stuffed frogs were considered a Quality Quidditch Supply, however!

We’re PC People (no offense to the Mac people out there!)  but this Apple Store has the coolest design on the planet.

The photo on the right was my favorite from the entire trip.  No, I have no idea who that man is.

Another skating rink.. I think we saw at least 4.

Another building shot!  They’re just so fun and colorful to shoot when it’s a sunny day!

I have no excuse for this.  It’s just something you have to do while in NYC.

Oh my.  Matt had the red velvet and I had a pumpkin spice.  We should have ordered a vat of just the frosting.  Mm!

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  1. Susan Sutherlin says:

    The pictures are fantastic and I think I gained five pounds by just looking at the cupcakes.

  2. Remington says:

    The guy in your Mac photo totally looks like he was sent back through time…to kill Sarah Connor. Or protect John Connor.

  3. Nothing like a 7-foot-tall Batman to make me look even shorter

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