Reads: What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

  When summer rolls around each year, my reading tastes shift a bit.  I indulge in stories that are lighter, easy reads – ones that are perfect for kicking back in a chair and wiggling your toes in the sand while someone brings you a fruity adult beverage in half a pineapple with a tiny…

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Reads: Why Women Need Fat

Let’s face facts. People, women especially, are always on the lookout for the newest, fastest, easiest way to shed fat and lose weight. It’s January – the month of resolutions. It’s the month where you put down the Christmas cookies and eggnog and resolve that this will finally be the year you get serious and…

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Reads: The Magic Room by Jeffrey Zaslow

  When I read the synopsis for Jeffrey Zaslow’s The Magic Room, I thought, “Great! A book about weddings.  I certainly know a thing or two about weddings!” Then I paused, and thought, “Ugh.. I work in the wedding industry.  Why on earth would I want to read about weddings?  Reading is my escape from…

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