Land of the Rising Sun – Part 12 – Kiso Valley (Nakasendo and Magome)

Kiso Valley Nakasendo Hike

I know you’re all grieving after the end to the epic series of Disney blog posts, but fear not!  I still have plenty of photos from Japan saved up for this occasion.  Here is the 2nd half of our epic journey through Kiso Valley, beginning immediately after the end of the parade full of people…

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Land of the Rising Sun – Part 11 – Kiso Valley (Tsumago)

Finally, it’s time for my favorite experience of the entire 2 weeks – Kiso Valley! First, a little history.  Back in the days of feudal Japan, there were two routes that connected Kyoto (when it was still the capital), and Edo (later Tokyo).  One was the Tokaido (“East Ocean Road”) along the ocean, and the…

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