Land of the Rising Sun – Part 8 – The Gang in Tokyo!

On a couple of notes – huzzah!  We are back and refreshed from a much-needed week of Disney magic, just in time to resume the Japan posts – starting with the first appearances of my bro and of my gracious hosts, Masa and Asuka. Masa and Asuka, like many Tokyo-ites, work long and crazy hours,… read more »

Land of the Rising Sun – Part 6 – Asakusa #2

After my narcissistic self-portrait-in-the-building, I turned around and headed back towards the dock where I’d soon load up for a very personal, off-the-beaten-path, untouristy boat ride down the heart of Tokyo (yes, I’m laying it on pretty thick).  The Sumida river is similar to the Hudson river or to the Chicago river in that it… read more »