Knoxville’s Cupcakes in the Park 2013


Cupcakes in the Park is a fun annual event hosted by the Helen Ross McNabb Center.  Its purpose is to raise funds to support mental health, addiction and social services in the Knoxville community.  The event is supported by many local sponsors as well as a plethora of bakeries that donate their yummy treats for the cause!


Tickets are $5 each, and with that you can choose 5 mini cupcakes to try from any booths that you like.  Once you’re done and have come down off of your sugar high, you can return to the booth of the bakery with your favorite cupcake and cast your vote for best flavor!


The event is held downtown in Krutch Park, and tickets are sold on both the Gay Street and Market St. entrances to the lawn.

You know we can’t pass up a local foodie event, so we met up with our buds and fellow food lovers for a great morning!  Here are some of the flavors that we sampled, with links to each respective bakery’s website or Facebook page.


Pellissippi Culinary Institute served up a butternut squash and fig cupcake.


Scrumps Cupcakes appealed to Volunteers fans with their Rocky Top cupcake – a dark chocolate cake topped with salted caramel buttercream and finished with pecans, chocolate ganache drizzle, and of course, a mini marshmallow!  A variation of a rocky road flavor, perhaps?


Tiny Treats delivered a S’mores cupcake – chocolate cake with a graham cracker crust on the bottom and marshmallow frosting, topped with chocolate drizzle and a mini Hershey’s bar.


Coolato Gelato, a local sandwich shop, gelato shop, and bakery, showed up with this seasonal offering – a Granny Smith apple caramel cupcake.  This one started with an apple caramel cake topped with Italian buttercream, drizzled with caramel and finished with sea salt and a caramel apple crumb topping.


Everything Iced Cupcakes & More had this adorable fall cake as part of their booth display, and I just had to grab a photo of it!


Their cupcake was pumpkin with a cinnamon glaze topped with spiced cream cheese frosting and decorated with a white chocolate pumpkin spice acorn.  So cute!


It’s All So Yummy Cafe showed up with this double chocolate explosion for all of those cacao lovers out there. :)  Don’t you love the little miniatures chairs used in their display?


Art of Cakes presented with an orange sweet dough cupcake, which was described as being similar to an orange cinnamon roll – yum!


The Cup showed up with a decidedly southern flavor, Blackberry Moonshine.


Makes you wanna dig right in, doesn’t it?


Sugar N’ Things baked these cherry almond vanilla cupcakes.  This one was a cherry almond cake with cherry buttercream.  There was a cherry on top and baked inside of the cupcake!


I thought they looked so fresh and pretty with the stemmed whole cherries sitting on top.


A few local supermarkets competed as well, so we decided to see what Publix had to offer, since their flavor sounded very unique – Apple cinnamon cheddar!


Their display was so pretty! I love the way the cheddar crumble looked on the cupcakes.

At the end of the day the winners were announced, and here is a full list of winners!

Judge’s Choice

1-The Cup

2-Everything Iced Cupcakes and More

3- Mer Mer’s Bakery

People’s Choice

1-The Cup

2-Scrumps Cupcakes

3- Everything Iced Cupcakes and More

In addition to the main competition, amateur bakers could submit their own cupcake creations, and here are the results from those competitions as well:

Novice Competition


1 – Cassie McCallister

2 – Heather Donahue

3 – Murcedes Gunsallus


1 – Nichole Robinson

2 – Emily Robinson

3 – Abby Kelley


If you’re interesting in supporting this event and supporting it next year, you can keep up with them via their main website or you can like them on Facebook!


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  3. Eleanor Sailor says

    My vote went to art of cakes bakery. I was skeptical in the beginning of how the orange cinnamon roll would taste in a cupcake but they had the freshest cake and icing. Their icing wasn’t all sugary sweet like most bakeries. You could tell they actually make their’s from butter. That was honestly the best cake I have ever tasted. How did the cup win? Their old cupcake tasted like crap! All about the name of it I guess.

  4. Sabrina Punk Princess Conner-Davis says

    Everything Iced Cupcakes & More has always had my vote.. not just because I am bias (the owner is family). but because the cupcakes are just to DIE for!! Love how they stay moist and have wonderful taste!

  5. Remi says

    I was a bit disappointed the Cup won. It was good, but too many issues for me. Cupcake tasted more like a muffin, plus I didn’t get the “moonshine” at all. My vote probably would’ve gone to Pellissippi (oh wait, one of them did!)

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