Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | Pirate Night at Enchanted Garden

(side note: Today is our 8th wedding anniversary!!  Can you believe it? I sure can’t!)

While sailing in the Caribbean you gotta have a little pirate fun, and Disney does it up right with an entire pirate-themed evening! Swashbuckling pirate fare replaces the usual rotational dining room menu selections, and once you’ve stuffed yourselves and mingled with the Disney characters dressed up as various sea-faring scally-wags, head on up to the pool deck for more pirate party fun, complete with a fireworks show!

Our rotation landed us in Enchanted Garden for the evening, and here’s what awaited us!

disney cruise pirate night menu The cute as heck pirate menu!

matt and diane browne in enchanted garden Matt with his mom (how cute is my husband?)

matt david and diane browne in enchanted garden Matt with both of his parents (srsly, my husband is hot.  F’reals.)

erin browne cathy kendrick and james kendrick Me with my parents.  During the day, your stateroom host leaves a Mickey-themed pirate bandana in your room.  Some people wear them, some don’t, and some go full on Jack Sparrow in head to toe Pirate garb.  I settled for folding mine up and wearing it as a headband.  That counts, right??

Food time!  I failed to take a picture of the bread service, but it consisted of regular rolls, “Johnny cakes”, which were similar to cornbread, and Pigeon Pea Relish to spread on top!

rusty anchor non-alcoholic drink in enchanted garden Matt’s mom got the night started off right with this completely amazing non-alcoholic cocktail –  the Rusty Anchor.  Fresh blueberries, lychee, vanilla ice cream mix, and raspberry puree.

pirate night pot stickers Matt started with Pirates Golden Pot Stickers – oriental pork dumplings deep fried and served with a Tamarind-ginger soy sauce and pickled vegetables.

pirate night crab cakes My appetizer was Blackbeard’s Jumbo Crab Cake – with a slaw made of golden raisins, carrots, and coconut served with a spicy Calypso dressing.  The crab cake was juicy, the slaw was tangy and flavorful and the dressing was divine.. I was very happy with this choice!

pirate night soup, conch chowder Matt’s second course was Caribbean style Conch Chowder – prepared with sherry, sweet peppers, onions, tomatoes, thyme, and garnished with diced potatoes and crispy bacon bits!

pirate night salad My second course was Mr. Smee’s Bibb Lettuce Salad with baby greens, chicory, tomatoes, toasted pine nuts and raspberry vinaigrette!

castaway chicken breast pirate night I was getting lucky with the white meat options each night, so for my main course I chose Castaway Chicken Breast – rubbed with Pirate Island Spice, rice and beans, and whole fried okra with a rich spiced glaze.  Once again, I made a very good choice!

pirate night sirloinMatt’s main course was this delicious Dutchmen’s Dijon-Crusted Sirloin of Beef, a thick cut of beef with oven-roasted sweet potatoes and a black spot tomato with deep red wine glaze.  Mmm!

pirate night BBQ short ribsMatt’s mom ordered Jack Sparrow’s BBQ Marinated Beef Short Ribs – rubbed beef short ribs with tamarind-BBQ sauce served with onion red bliss mashed potatoes and plantain chip.  This looks heavenly!

pirate night fruit cobbler My dessert was this yummylicious fruit cobbler with vanilla ice cream.  If you haven’t heard me say it before, the cobblers and crumbles are always a hit!

ice cream crunch sundae pirate night Matt ordered this tastyyumyum Crunch Time Sundae – rum raisin ice cream with pineapple, whipped cream, and croquant.

folded napkin pirate prisonerAfter dinner, our server Lily came by and showed us how to fold our napkins into an adorable pirate prisoner!

pirate night photo disney cruise On our way to the show, Matt’s mom took this photo of us in the lobby.  Love it!

This is part of a blog series detailing our super fun family trip, a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy!  Click Here to see more posts!


    • Erin says

      Thank you!  I’ve been curious about Royal Caribbean myself.. how was your experience with them?

  1. Remi says

    I made poor menu choices for pirate night and left myself with something to be desired. Oh well. Everything else looks delish!

    • Erin says

      The pirate menu hasn’t been my favorite on past cruises, but this year I knew what I had ordered in the past that I didn’t care for, so this year I was totally happy with everything.

  2. says

    Love that picture of you guys! Pirate Night was the evening after I got burnt to a crisp, so I did not get to enjoy the festivities to their fullest. Oh well.

    • Erin says

      Yeah, full confession, we actually didn’t even stay awake for the fireworks on this cruise.  First time we’ve missed them, but omg I could NOT keep my eyes open any longer!

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