Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | Snorkeling in Cozumel!

PHOTO INFO:  All photos on this page were taken with the Canon D20 underwater digital camera.   Unfortunately, near the end of our trip, the microphone stopped working when using the camera for video.  A few months later, when we loaned the camera to our friends to take on their own Disney cruise, it died entirely.  We had recently purchased the camera and our cruise was the first time we used it, but Canon was fantastic with offering us a full replacement!  We haven’t tested our new one underwater yet, but if we have any issues we’ll be sure to edit this post and let everyone know!

Originally, we had planned to spend our day at Grand Cayman in the water, since we read that you don’t even need to book a snorkel excursion to see some amazing things.  Unfortunately, since that port was cancelled,  our plans needed to change!

Luckily, the evening before we arrived in Cozumel, Matt and his dad were able to pick up a last minute booking on the Three Reef Snorkel excursion   The excursion takes you to three different snorkel spots that may include  Paraiso Bajo, Paraiso Profundo and Dzul Ha.   Since we’d already been on one paid excursion, I decided to save a little dough and stay behind to shop with the moms and my dad.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-snorkeling-in-cozumel-01 Waiting in the boat!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-snorkeling-in-cozumel-02  Zooming away alongside a boat for a Parasailing excursion.  The ride to the first snorkel area was pretty brief!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-snorkeling-in-cozumel-03 The day started out cloudy, but no worries.. the sun soon came out and we had gorgeous weather!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-snorkeling-in-cozumel-04Now on to some fish!



disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-snorkeling-in-cozumel-07 Matt’s dad took this picture – I love it!





disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-snorkeling-in-cozumel-12Other snorkelers bobbin’ around.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-snorkeling-in-cozumel-13 I’m impressed with the complexity of this underwater pose!  Full marks to Matt’s dad, full marks.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-snorkeling-in-cozumel-14 My bean.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-snorkeling-in-cozumel-15 A collage of some of the interesting thing s they saw!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-snorkeling-in-cozumel-16The guide carried an underwater camera with a flash unit, and the fish schooled around him like crazy.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-snorkeling-in-cozumel-17I think the guide was taking a picture of Matt’s dad?

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-snorkeling-in-cozumel-18 BUBBLES!  bubblebhjosthebububbubbles…. my bubbles.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-snorkeling-in-cozumel-19I am in love with these pictures.  There’s a scuba excursion that uses the same area as the snorkelers, and I loved these vertical shots Matt got that show the snorkelers near the surface, the scuba divers at the bottom, and the pillars of bubbles rising to the top!



In case you missed the link at the beginning of the post, this will take you to Disney’s website for the excursion info!

This is part of a blog series detailing our super fun family trip, a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy!  Click Here to see more posts!


  1. says

    So that’s how underwater pictures with the D20 turn out! ;) Great photos! Love the ones of Matt and his Dad underwater too. Glad it worked out with Canon replacing the camera.

    • Erin says

      The whole time I was writing this post I was bummed out knowing you guys didn’t get to use your pictures from Turtle Cove :( :( :(

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