Smoky Mountains Hike to Charlie’s Bunion | Take Two!

Hark, a post!

The last couple of weeks have been full of things that have kept me away from the blog, mainly getting our carpet replaced, followed by me getting sick! Our house is all put back together again so I’m getting myself caught up on some backlogged photos I need to share with all of you!

Several weeks ago we returned to one of our favorite Smoky Mountain hiking trails, Charlie’s Bunion.  The first time we completed this hike was back in 2011, so if you’re new here, hop on over to that post for more information and photos about the trail!

Now for the pictures!



smoky-mountain-hiking-trails-charlies-bunion-03The weather was supposed to be sunny and warm, but when we got to the trail head, we were met with a thick, foggy layer of clouds.



smoky-mountain-hiking-trails-charlies-bunion-06We were getting a little nervous as we continued, since the best part about this hike is the beautiful view at the end! At this point, we weren’t sure we’d be able to see anything at all!


smoky-mountain-hiking-trails-charlies-bunion-08The common wood sorrel was found all over this trail.




smoky-mountain-hiking-trails-charlies-bunion-12A common flower found in the Smokies this time of year – the large-flowered trillium!



smoky-mountain-hiking-trails-charlies-bunion-15A peek at Icewater Springs Shelter, still covered in thick clouds!



smoky-mountain-hiking-trails-charlies-bunion-18As we climbed higher, the clouds finally started to burn away and we got some gorgeous scenery!



smoky-mountain-hiking-trails-charlies-bunion-21Yay sunshine!!



smoky-mountain-hiking-trails-charlies-bunion-24 So close to the end!



smoky-mountain-hiking-trails-charlies-bunion-27Finally! Just a quick little trek down this last section of trail, and you’re there!

smoky-mountain-hiking-trails-charlies-bunion-28Ugh, pardon the HumidityHair.




smoky-mountain-hiking-trails-charlies-bunion-31We were starving at this point, so we didn’t waste any time choosing a pretty place to sit and grab some chow.

smoky-mountain-hiking-trails-charlies-bunion-32Not a bad place for a picnic!


smoky-mountain-hiking-trails-charlies-bunion-33Our usual trail lunches… every time. Peanut butter and banana for Matt, peanut butter and marshmallow for me!

smoky-mountain-hiking-trails-charlies-bunion-34I added a LUNA bar to my trail lunch this time. This was my first time giving the Caramel Nut Brownie flavor a try, and it’s probably one of my favorites!

smoky-mountain-hiking-trails-charlies-bunion-35I’m a big fan of LUNA bars. They have lots of extra vitamins and minerals for the womenfolk and at only 180 calories per bar, they fit right into my daily counts.

smoky-mountain-hiking-trails-charlies-bunion-36 The bunion itself.

smoky-mountain-hiking-trails-charlies-bunion-37 Tis a long way down there!

smoky-mountain-hiking-trails-charlies-bunion-38My handsome husband.

smoky-mountain-hiking-trails-charlies-bunion-39Handsome husband x2

smoky-mountain-hiking-trails-charlies-bunion-40 I love living near the Smokies!


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