Our Baby Boy Nursery Tour!


We’re just past the 38 week mark in our pregnancy and our nursery is almost complete!  I thought it was time to share what we’ve done so far with all of you.  Let’s start with what this room looked like before. I don’t have any decent “before” photos since I remembered at the last minute… read more »

Weekend Wrap Up | 3/31/12


It’s the weekend again! I dunno about you, but I could use a nice stress-free couple of days. I plan on spending lots of time in a quiet reading nook with a glass of wine. I’ll also be doing lots of baking for next week’s Easter posts, and nothing relaxes me like being covered in… read more »

2012 Oscars – Best Dressed

In my completely unqualified, amateur opinion, here is my pick for Best Dressed at the 84th  Academy Awards: Cameron Diaz – Gucci I just love this dress!  Form fitting, sexy, and classic, with a little somethin’ somethin’ going on at the bottom.   She looks radiant! Who were your picks for best/worst dressed at this… read more »

New Baby Needs a Name!

We’ve been on the search for a second Corgi for just over a year, and this weekend we finally, FINALLY, found a beautiful baby boy who will be coming home with us in only 7 days!  We visited him at his home this afternoon, met his parents, learned all about his pedigree from the very… read more »

Here’s a blast from the past. I was going through some files on an old webserver, and came across some photos of my favorite college apartment. This was the third place I lived while going to UT, and most definitely my favorite. I have such great memories of this place! It cracks me up how… read more »


Did anyone else catch the eclipse tonight? So cool.


Sunday morning, while Matt and I were lounging around leisurely in bed about 10am (as most Sundays begin), I rolled over to climb out on his side, and *crash*.. we were on the floor. Upon getting out of bed and removing the mattress and box springs, it was found that the lateral support screws had… read more »


The weather has been surprisingly mild this winter. I won’t complain if I never see a “real” snowfall this year! Bring on the Spring! I feel adequately productive about the work I accomplished today. Everything on my to-do list was ticked off, so that’s what matters. It’s 11:30pm now, so I’m trying to decide how… read more »


This little guy is so cute, and too smart! Watch him problem solve how to stuff that last carrot in there, rofl.