Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | Costa Maya

Because our Grand Cayman port was cancelled, we got into Costa Maya a half a day early, giving us a full daydisney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-01Before we were free to disembark, we headed up to Satellite Falls to take photos from the upper deck and chill for a bit!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-02Costa Maya is a teeny tiny little port, surrounded by lots and lots of land.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-03See?  It looks totally untouched!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-04Par for the course on this cruise, the weather was still looking dreary and rain was threatening.  We had a good hard rainshower while sitting under the canopies at Satellite Falls, but it quickly moved through and everything dried up.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-05Just chillin’!



disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-07Since we had some extra time due to the extended hours and our excursion wasn’t set to leave until noon, we  got off the ship with Matt’s parents and took some time to explore!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-08The port may be tiny, but it’s very colorful and quite clean!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-09There’s lots of souvenir shopping to be had, as well as lots and lots and LOTS of Mexican Vanilla

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-10Matt makes me try on hats whenever we shop.  I do it to humor him.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-11O noes he’s being eaten!!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-12No shortage of adult beverages at this port!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-13There’s a large, free pool located right next to the coast.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-14There’s also an area of loungers for those who want to bask!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-15There was only one other ship at the port that day, a Norwegian Cruise liner that seems to have had a bit of an accident.. it was listing to the right and had a big ole dent in the front right corner (can you see it?)

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-16Hi.  Us again.

We went back to the ship for a while to meet up with our excursion group.  Soon, we were on a school bus and enjoying the hour-ish drive to the Chacchoben Ruins.  During the trip, our awesome tour guide gave us lots of history about the area and the Yucatan Peninsula in general.  We took several photos from the window on the way.




disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-20Selling pineapples at a roadside stand.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-21Grabbing a catnap.



disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-24Our first glimpse of the ruins.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-25The bus dropped us off at a thatched roof tourist area where you can purchase drinks, snacks, and souvenirs.  The first set of ruins is not far from here, down a rocky path.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-26Just thought the roof was cool, so I took a picture.  Here it is.  Enjoy.  Did you enjoy?  Okay!  Moving on…

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-27Pretty massive.


disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-29Matt felt the need to take a picture of my little Goofy sticker.  We all had to wear them to identify our ship and our specific tour group.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-30While hanging out at this first site, it started raining… hard.  Our tour guide, Jesus, said, “Friends, we can make a run for the bus, but by the time we get there you’ll be soaked anyway, so let’s just continue!”  We all got wet, but it was all good.


disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-32Hi it’s me again okay.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-33The grooves in the tree on the left are from harvesting Chicle – a tropical evergreen sugary sap that is used as a base for chewing gum.  These trees are used in locating new sites to excavate for ruins.  Our tour guide pointed out lots of more interesting trees and plants, including red aloe.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-34Lots steps…

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-35… that lead to the second major building.  It cleared up a bit and we had some sun and blue sky!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-36Us with Matt’s dad


disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-38Matt’s parents

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-39My dad

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-40Another view.  Lighting is everything, my friends.


disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-42My Bean!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-43The back of a third building gave a towering view of the Costa Mayan landscape


disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-45On the way back to the bus!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-costa-maya-port-46Our bus returned to the point mere minutes before the ship’s All Aboard, so we had to hoof it back to get there on time (they wouldn’t have left us, don’t worry.  All Disney-sanctioned excursions are guaranteed to have you back on time, and Disney knows if a group hasn’t made it back yet!)

All in all, a great, educational excursion and a fun day at Costa Maya!

This is part of a blog series detailing our super fun family trip, a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy!  Click Here to see more posts!




  1. Jim says

    Love your blog! Found it while trying to do research on the Disney Cruise. We laeve in 9 days, I have read all of your Disney Blogs. Thanks!

  2. Remi says

    Les see…the pool looks WAY different and 3 times the size I remember. So, mebbe it’s a different pool? Also, the pool in the lounging area wasn’t there either. 
    OH! And remember that sunset beach picture I sent in for the desktop contest? You made  a comment about wanting to be on that beach? Well…my friend. You haz been nao. Shot from the pier walking back to the ship. 

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